Batek and Manya’ tropical foragers of Peninsular Malaysia

Anthropologists use an extensive methodological toolkit that enables them to study the subtleties of everyday life in contexts ranging from small-scale hunter-gather groups to the urban denizens of sprawling metropolises.

Building on ANT4004, this module will teach you advanced skills in ethnographic research and writing. You will learn to study the construction of space and the cultural significance of place and landscape. You will immerse yourself in digital worlds and platforms. Moreover, you will be acquainted with cutting-edge developments in anthropological methodology, looking at the body and senses (multisensory anthropology), life in the city (urban anthropology) and human-animal relations (multispecies ethnography).

By the end of this practical course, you will have put into practice the methodological skills you have learnt as an anthropology student and produced your very own ethnographic text. This could be the study of a religious community in Plymouth, the complexities of online gaming communities or even a study of human-animal relations along the Devon and Cornish coastline. The world is your oyster!