The dissertation module represents the culmination of your undergraduate training in Anthropology. Over the course of two semesters, you will develop a serious research project on a topic of your choosing.

Since this is Anthropology, your thesis will be based on original ethnographic data that you yourself will collect. The choice of topic is open: Do you want to see how museum visitors engage with art and engage with the exhibits that curators have lovingly devised? Sure! Do you want to explore social memory and diaspora amongst local ethnic groups? Go on! Do you want to look at human-animal relations in Devon’s conservation projects? Definitely! Are you interested in ideas of gender in early upbringing? Be my guest! Are you interested in online and digital worlds? Why not? Do you want to know more about ideas of risk amongst people who do extreme sports? Bravo! Or perhaps you’re interested to look at sociality and claustrophobia during lockdown? A good project!

The dissertation is your opportunity to explore topics that truly interest you. Regardless of what you choose, you will emerge from your degree as a skilled researcher and an expert in your topic.