Learn digital skills

Gain the skills needed to communicate anthropological insight through a range of virtual platforms and technologies

Anthropology at the University of Plymouth is innovative in its use of digital media to teach anthropology. We also excel in giving our students the skills needed to communicate anthropological insight through a range of virtual platforms and technologies.
Mastery of the digital is key to employability in the 21st century.

Digital fieldtrips

Across the world, people are spending increasing amounts of time interacting through social media platforms (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) or inhabiting digital worlds (e.g., Minecraft, Second Life and World of Warcraft). 
Anthropology at Plymouth allows you to embark on fieldtrips to such environments, where you will learn how to understand digital and virtual worlds and the ethical and methodological challenges they present.

VR exercises

We work with international partners to provide students with interactive VR experiences that transport our students to a range of socio-cultural contexts across the world. 
This technology simulates the process of real-life fieldwork, and allows students to develop their descriptive, observational and multisensory skills, as well as to practice their interviewing skills by interacting with in-game characters at their own pace. 
<p>Anthropology VR exercises</p>

Digital media creation

At Plymouth, students are encouraged to communicate anthropological knowledge using a range of digital skills and technologies. Our graduates are digital-savvy creatives who are fluent in website creation and curation. 
They are also proficient at producing a range of digital media from posters and vlogs to podcasts, digital artwork, graphic novels and computer games.
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Games and Multimodal Anthropology

Plymouth Anthropology offers an exciting alternative to run-of-the mill seminars and lectures. We use a range of innovative techniques to engage students with core theories and literature through hands-on practice.
From mini excursions to movies, roleplaying sessions and videogames, each class is truly unique and exciting.
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