Featured module: Anthropology on the Ground
In this module, anthropology students will be able to use the University’s networks and connections to secure work-placement with one of our many partners in industry and governance. Since work-placement module is designed to foster your professional development skills, it foregrounds two complementary approaches to learning that are key to employability - Work-Based Learning and Reflective Practice. During your placement, you will use your anthropological skills to solve real-life problems and complete a range of tasks set by your employer.

This module is intended to augment your capacity for planning; enhance your ability to set goals and meet predetermined objectives; strengthen your independent research skills; and build your awareness of appropriate codes of practice within a professional context. It will contribute to your personal development by cultivating self-confidence, self-discipline, accountability, and the capacity for critical reflection.

Throughout the module, students also work very closely with our career’s expert, who will teach you how to write a convincing skill-based CV, set up online profiles on LinkedIn and other employability platforms, present yourself to employers, find and exploit work-opportunities, and conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner befitting your anthropological training