practical session in babbage laboratory

The rapid growth in mobile phone and internet usage has caused the huge demand for the 3rd generation wireless wideband (UMTS), due to be in operation this year in the most of the EU, and the evolutionary research into broadband (data bit rate > 2 Mbps) wireless communications with optical communication as a backbone network. 

The programme is tailored to provide an up-to-date engineering educational experience and specialist skills to meet the increasing worldwide demand for high calibre research and development and design engineers in modern telecommunications and information industries. The content covers a wide range of technologies of modern communication systems including wireless terrestrial and satellite communications supported by advanced DSP and multimedia wideband networks and compression techniques. 

The integration of electrical power systems in the context of future renewable energy is a key area. The MSc project provides an exciting opportunity for you to undertake a themed activity that will enhance business acumen and further develop technical and design ability. 

The programme will appeal to you if you are a recent graduate who wants to have a good start in your professional life and to be trained in the electrical and electronics industry. It is also aimed at you if you are an engineer working in the electrical and electronics industry, to update your knowledge of the technology. 

The programme aims to:

  •  meet relevant national and international postgraduate education needs of the electrical and electronics industry
  • develop research skills in a leading edge technology
  • develop a high level awareness of the technical and economic issues associated with the modern electrical and electronics industry
  • develop an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of key specialist topics in digital communication engineering and associated signal processing techniques
  • provide the ability to apply the programme knowledge in an industrial or research setting to a variety of problems.