Minh Chu Hong - graduate profile

Minh Chu Hong - MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate

“I had worked for a mobile communication service provider in my home country of Vietnam and wanted to undertake further study in this area to effectively improve my knowledge and open up my future career."

"University of Plymouth has a high ranking for electrical engineering and also offered the area of expertise that I was interested in, mobile communication. Now I am responsible for setting up an entire mobile phone network in Vietnam."

"After completing my masters I worked for Alcatel-Lucent for a year, responsible for deploying and building an EVNT CDMA network in the north of Vietnam. I then moved to Beeline, who I now work for as an Instrument and Control (I&C) Project Manager, controlling a project to deploy and install an all BSS and transmission network in north and central Vietnam.

My masters work provided me with the ways to investigate, analyse and solve problems. Thinking independently, discussing widely and working hard to finish the final project was really of great value to me. Moreover, experiencing world-class education in the UK has been a really challenging and interesting part of my life. I received a scholarship to study at Plymouth. For a student from a developing country this was a great help.”