Electronics and robotics research - Jing Cai and Andy Millar, Engineering Design Manager, Bombardier Transportation.

"I chose to study MRes Communications Engineering and Signal Processing (now called MRes Electrical and Electronic Engineering) at University of Plymouth because of the high quality education and the course was well designed. Plymouth is a beautiful coastal city that offers some of the best summers in England and has a nice local society and reasonable living costs. 

The best thing about the course was that it systematically covered all corners, a benefit for those whose background is not relevant and offered the latest technology to support the course. 

After my graduation from the MRes in 2003 I went on to do a PhD in Communication and Electronic Engineering and worked as a KTP Associate for one year; I then went on to take up the role as Design Engineer for Bombardier Transportation Ltd for three years. I am now currently employed by Citigroup as a Designer, Analyst, Developer and Team Leader. 

My current job entails project planning and design work and I manage an offshore team, the role is very challenging yet rewarding. The best thing about my work is the great exposure to the business and the best practices on solving real-time problems. 

The postgraduate course at Plymouth has helped me in my career by requiring me to think logically and the analytical methods learnt from the course. 

I think that investing the time and money in going to university is worth the cost, a good education changes your life. 

My advice to someone considering studying at Plymouth, be clear on what you want to learn and ask questions. There is a very strong research team, don’t just be satisfied with the knowledge in the textbooks, be more active and discuss new technology with the lecturers to find out the connection from what you are learning to what you want to do in the future.”