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Research for future oceans

For decades, we have engaged in knowledge exchange initiatives that have enabled companies in the South West and beyond to harness our academic input. Each year, that involves talking to over 3,500 businesses, and our activities are worth £433 million to Plymouth in terms of output generated.

Kevin ForshawKevin Forshaw
Director of Marine Business Development


A selection of our partnerships


What our partners say

Over a decade of sector collaboration using the world-leading COAST Lab to advance the development of marine renewable energy.
  • Marine Power Systems Ltd
  • AMOG Consulting
  • MTG
  • CorPower Ocean
  • Griffon Hoverwork
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The long-standing relationship with University of Plymouth means there is a solid foundation of mutual trust and this leads to highly productive collaboration and great team work.

Craig Whitlam
Senior Design and Development Engineer at Marine Power Systems

COAST Lab is a unique facility and a real asset to the South West. Being able to use this world class facility helped us verify our modelling and progress to the next stage

Peter Mazurenko
Project Engineer, AMOG Consulting

The successful tank testing at the Ocean Basin has allowed CorPower to unlock multi-million-euro funding releases from key project funders and investors as we were able to pass and prove key design and project milestones.

Robert Argo
Marine Operations Manager, CorPower Ocean

Shared vision

Providing societal applications for our research to boost the UK’s drive for net zero, and dramatically reduce environmental impact on land and at sea.

Great South West

Working together to build the region’s economy and prosperity.

Marine Research Plymouth

Harnessing the world-leading expertise, facilities and long heritage of marine research that exists in Plymouth to create a centre of global excellence in ocean science.

Maritime UK South West

Building stronger links between the South West marine and maritime sector and national government.

Partnership Research in Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE)

Addressing challenges facing the marine renewable energy industry at regional, national and international level through a network of world-class research institutions based in the West, South, and South West of the UK.