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The key to our success is innovation. The University of Plymouth has provided workable solutions using the latest cutting-edge technology, specialist skills and expertise that we would not otherwise have access to.

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Recently approved KTP projects

South West Manufacturing Advisory Service (SWMAS)

The aim of this 24 month collaboration between the University of Plymouth and SWMAS Ltd (South West Manufacturing Advisory Service) is to move regional manufacturing companies closer to achieving national 2050 Net Zero targets by developing a Scope 3 assessment tool, and to prepare the company for more complete life cycle assessments (LCA). This project is supported by Professor John Summerscales from the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics and Dr Stephen Childe from Plymouth Business School.   
SWMAS are a team of manufacturing and business development experts with a mission to help transform south west manufacturers into world class businesses. Their unique connections, knowledge, and expertise are used in partnership with ambitious manufacturers to help them improve their productivity, develop their capabilities, enter new markets, and become leaders in their fields. They provide support to some of the world’s leading manufacturers as well as to many smaller manufacturers, and have built long-standing relationships with many of these companies. 


The aim of this 27-month ADSL KTP collaboration with the University of Plymouth is to develop and embed a scientific method to certify the purity and quality of Cannabidiol (CBD) to ensure it is a safe ingredient to be used in the development of new innovative nanotechnology-based formulations.
This project is supported by Professor Richard Handy and Dr Richard Billington from the School of Biological and Marine Sciences and Dr David Jenkins from the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics.
Formed in 2008 and with full ISO 17025 accredited facilities, ADSL’s fully qualified team specialise in formulation and testing services within the cosmetic and household goods industry. Their exceptional expertise and complementary skills in manufacturing, process controls, industry regulation, health and safety, marketing, and project management enable them to support customer every step of the way to see their product through to successful market launch. 

G&H | Artemis (formerly Artemis Optical Limited)

The aim of this Artemis 24-month KTP collaboration with the University of Plymouth is to establish a systematic approach to analyse and optimise key PVD manufacturing processes and equipment to; increase yield, enhance quality, increase performance and reduce waste. This will allow quicker response time, increased flexibility and access to new markets and applications. This project is supported by Dr Shakil Awan and Dr David Jenkins, both from the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics.
Formed in 1952, Artemis are world-leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke thin film coatings for use in the most challenging and progressive applications. These include; periscope and sighting systems, head-up and helmet mounted displays, laser protection and narrow band analytical filters. Customers are leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the UK, Europe and USA, supplying some of the world's largest and influential organisations in sectors such as Defence, Aerospace, Healthcare and Precision Coatings. 

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