Dr Toby Whitley

Dr Toby Whitley

Associate Head of School (Electronics and Robotics)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Module leader for ELEC 139, 141, 345, 346


BEng (Hons). Electronics and Communications (1993-1996).
PhD. Handover in Wireless ATM (1996-2000).

Studied at the University of Bristol and then went on to work on the SIBIS (Secure Interactive Broadcast Infotainment System) project. This delivered encrypted content on demand.  The content was paid for using micro-payments between online banking entities per piece of content consumed by the user.

Took a year off to go mountaineering and then cycled down the east coast of Australia from Cairns to Cooktown then on to Sydney.

Started work on the OSIRIS project developing an 802.11n (WIFI) testbed using MIMO technology. Looked at rate adaptation, channel adaptation and access, MIMO selection and QoS provision for different traffic streams as part of the MAC and LLC.

Trained for and completed my first Ironman (Switzerland).

Joined the University of Bath as a teaching fellow for a year before starting on a project investigating Sprites and global lightning. I set up a network of data loggers to record the ELF signatures given off by sprites and their associated positive lightning strikes. The data loggers were sited at Pinon Flat in California, the Sutherland Observatory in South Africa, the Geoscience Australia observatory near Canberra and the British Geological Survey observatory in Eskdalemuir, Scotland.
Continued at the University of Bath as a teaching fellow until joining Plymouth University in May 2012.




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