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Katherine Moore - Environmental Science

Current Employer: Thrive Renewables Plc

Current Job Title:
Investor Support

Current Location: Bristol UK

Year of graduation: 2017

“My year out conservation placement in Australia was a perfect opportunity to enjoy something extraordinary. ”

“The lecturers gave a really positive impression with their energy and enthusiasm on the open day and maintained this throughout the course.”

There was a large fieldwork element on the course and I felt this allowed me to explore all avenues of being an environmental scientist. My favourite memory was my year out conservation placement in Australia as this was a perfect opportunity to enjoy something extraordinary. Closely followed by a fantastic second-year field trip to Malta where our group were selected as having best reverse osmosis research project.  

My course provided me with a strong scientific grounding to apply in a professional environment alongside skills such as teamwork and communication which I developed at University. The support of my dissertation advisor prepared me for professional report writing which I have used in both of my jobs since graduation. The knowledge of my lecturers, supplemented by a large number of contact hours within the school allowed me to diversify my learning and apply my broad understanding to any career path. I constantly used the careers service for CV building and job application advice. I found this service really supportive throughout final year. This certainly helped with my forward thinking.

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Since graduation...

Since completing my studies in June 2017 I have finished a six-month internship with Trucost, a subsidiary of Standard and Poor’s Canary Wharf and I now work for Thrive Renewables in Bristol.

I carried out my internship working on a corporate project assessing the water-risk of a Nordic Bank’s investment portfolio. I was able to apply my strong research skills to this. The additional communication, financial and project skills learnt as part of this allowed me to approach my current employer Thrive Renewables

At Thrive, I assist with managing the service experience for existing and potential shareholders ensuring they have a positive and rewarding engagement with their investment. As part of my role, I apply good governance and compliance with regulatory standards, whilst applying the company’s brand ethos and values.

Katherine Moore - Thrive

At the moment, I am working on the Thrive Renewable’s Annual Report which will be printed in a month’s time. Being involved with this has been really exciting and a great opportunity to learn about my companies board, structure, financials and evolution.

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