Julie Woolman

Julie Woolman graduated from BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) in 2017 and now works as a cardiology staff nurse for Plymouth NHS Hospital Trust.

"I would not have done anything differently. The University gave me the basic skills and important foundations to a lifelong education which I will carry through my nursing career."

Julie's story

"After qualifying in July 2017, I applied for jobs and I attended three interviews in the NHS. I decided that my passion was in cardiology and I have been employed by Plymouth NHS Hospital Trust as a Cardiology staff nurse on an acute medical ward since the beginning of September. I am currently enrolled on the preceptorship course at Derriford Hospital which gives guidance and further training to newly qualified nurses.

"My placements during my nursing course helped me to decide what type of nursing career I would pursue. I had two cardiology placements at Torbay hospital and this gave me a passion for the field. Working alongside a dedicated cardiology team and providing patient centred care ensured that I gained invaluable experience and skills, which I now use daily in my job."

"My main reason for choosing Plymouth was that as a mature student and a single mother to my children I was unable to move away from my home city. Although a very challenging course, Plymouth nursing gives the support and encouragement to enable you to succeed in your chosen career. The variety of clinical placements will give you direction and inspire you to give the best care to patients.

"I felt like I managed my time as a student wisely which enabled me to carry out many extracurricular activities. I made fantastic friends at the University and meeting up with them and working with them during the clinical skills sessions and during seminars made the course much more enjoyable. The sense of achievement after passing an essay or OSCE was always immense and we would celebrate together in the students’ union."

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European Network of Nursing in Higher Education (ENNE)

"During my nurse training I attended the European Network of Nursing in Higher Education (ENNE) in Barcelona. Working with nursing students and tutors from 12 European countries was extremely exciting and educational. I learnt skills which I have been able to carry into my nursing career.

"One of my favourite memories was taking part in a stand-up paddle boarding session in Barcelona during the ENNE project after working really hard with European nursing students and then being able to relax and laugh with them to let off steam."

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"I also became part of team @PUNC14, encouraging communication and learning through Twitter. Through this, I became the first student leader of the online community of @WeNurses. This opened many doors for me. I attended meetings at the Houses of Parliament and spoke at a symposium at the RCN Centenary Conference in London.

"Since starting my role as a qualified nurse simple things like seeing my name on the wall of my ward saying - ‘The nurse in charge of your care today is Julie’ makes me excited as all my hard work has paid off, I’m still coming to terms with that fact that I’m now a registered nurse and not a student."

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Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS)

Regular study sessions for students, by students

"During my first year of the nursing degree the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) was an invaluable source of support. My peers in the 2nd & 3rd year of the course were on hand to answer any questions and to provide emotion support when the course got challenging. I later went on to become a senior PALS leader to support students who were new to nursing at the University and the mentoring experience is something I will use in my nursing career."

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"During my time at the University I also co-ordinated fitness sessions for student nurses. I hired a personal trainer and we trained in a local park once a week. One of my favourite memories was having 30 student nurses running around a field and exercising together and being told afterwards that it made them feel really good."

Julie Woolman
Julie Woolman

Recognised by Health Education England (HEE)

The HEE South West Star Awards recognise the very best in education and training across the health and care sector in the South West; open to individuals or teams providing healthcare or public health services for NHS patients and service users in NHS trusts, general practice, local authority, education and independent or private settings.

Julie reached the final three in the ‘Outstanding Learner’ category after impressing in all aspects of her academic and clinical practice while Kim Young, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, won the ‘Hearing the Patient Voice’ category.

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Kim Young and Julie Woolman HEE Star award
Kim Young and Julie Woolman

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