Inside Claire Daly's private podiatry practice.

My career after graduating

When I started studying podiatry my original plan was to specialise in biomechanics, however, I found I preferred the clinical aspects and focused on wound care and nail surgery. 
After I graduated I was lucky to go straight into a three month temporary contract with the NHS in North Somerset. This experience turned into a permanent contract where I spent two years with the trust covering North Somerset. I worked in wound care and nail surgery clinics, as well as routine preventative treatment and enjoyed building up my skill set and working within a small friendly team. 
The opportunity arose to purchase an existing private podiatry business in Weston-super-Mare, which I have spent the last eight years growing into a well established practice.
I even had my own shoe shop and sub-let rooms to other practitioners. The pandemic gave me a chance to reflect and re-evaluate and I decided to have my garage converted into a clinic, which has allowed me to significantly reduce my overheads and has created a better work/life balance.
Claire Daly inside the shoe shop she formerly owned.

Owning a private clinic

I mainly deal with routine footcare but this can be so varied and you never know what is going to present in the clinic on a daily basis, which keeps it interesting. 
Now I am settled in my clinic I am planning on offering a regular nail surgery clinic to help reduce some of the pressure on the NHS services. Considering that the first time I saw nail surgery as a student I nearly fainted, I have definitely progressed!
Taking the leap from being employed to self-employed was a difficult challenge, but I have never looked back. I loved my time in the NHS, especially working within a team, and it was hard to leave. Private practice can be quite isolated but I have a good network of local podiatrists that I can turn to if needed and I like the autonomy that comes with private practice.
Working in private practice (especially your own practice) allows you to incorporate a level of flexibility, which is great. Over the years I have varied between working five to six days a week to currently three days a week, which allows me a brilliant work/life balance. It is a career where it is possible to work 24/7 so it is important to be strict with your diary. And look after your back…
One thing I love with podiatry is the problem-solving – working out why a patient is experiencing a particular problem, which can often be due to seemingly innocuous occurrence, but a slight tweak to behaviour, activity or footwear can make a huge difference and potentially solve their problem. 
I love that a patient can hobble into clinic and within 30 minutes they feel like they are walking on air – I can’t think of many careers that give such a quick and effective result.
Claire Daly graduating on the Hoe.

Podiatry at Plymouth

I would absolutely recommend undertaking a course at the University of Plymouth. I had previous experience of studying at a London university (not podiatry related) in the 90’s and I was completely alone with no support and consequently I left after 18 months. I was wary of returning to University again but from my first contact with Plymouth I found the whole experience to be positive and I was not made to feel like a number. 
There are so many opportunities open to Plymouth students. I had the chance to complete a mentoring qualification alongside my course, worked with school children to promote foot health and produced magazine articles – all of which added value to my degree.
I have many fond memories of studying at Plymouth. The friends, the support, the placements, the nightlife, I loved all of it. Plymouth as a city and as a University has so much to offer and I feel so fortunate to have chosen it.

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