I am looking for ideas and would like to explore self-employment, freelancing or running my own business as a graduate job

Self-employment, freelancing and running your own business

Mycareer Digital Resources has a range of useful resources when considering self-employment. If you are wanting to explore self-employment these resources are particularly useful:


Develop your self-awareness by undertaking assessments: 

In order to succeed it's vital that you understand the way you work, your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and preferences. 

Relevant programmes and events:

Enactus Plymouth

During your undergraduate or postgraduate studies you could take the opportunity to dip your toe in the water by taking part in a social enterprise project. Enactus Plymouth is a student society, which is part of a worldwide non-profit organisation. It is active in more than 1600 universities and 38 countries participate. The Enactus ethos is to build entrepreneurial solutions to change people’s lives and make a difference in the community. You do this by working within a team to develop outreach projects, which improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

One project is Enviro, which creates a sustainable fashion line with young adults recovering from mental health issues and local artists.

Find out more about the different projects undertaken and to join.

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