LGBT+ History Month

What is LGBT+ History Month?

LGBT+ History Month is an annual celebration that provides education and insight into the issues faced by the LGBT+ community and works to combat prejudice against them, it takes place each February in the UK. 

As we still cannot host all of our usual in-person events due to the pandemic, instead this page is a virtual celebration of our LGBT+ history as well as featuring all you need to know about in-person and virtual LGBT+ History Month celebrations at the University of Plymouth and beyond.

Why celebrate it?

LGBT+ History is often hidden within our society, culture and institutions due to homophobic and transphobic laws of the past as well as discriminatory and prejudiced attitudes today and so we need to uncover and celebrate LGBT+ history whenever we can as the better we understand our past, the brighter our future. It is thanks to brave queer people in the LGBT civil rights movement, particularly trans women and queer people of colour, that we have many of the rights we take for granted today and LGBT+ History Month is our opportunity to shine a light on those stories and celebrate their legacy. 

Learn about LGBT+ history and culture

LGBT+ Staff Forum

Our LGBT+ Staff Forum is our longest-standing and one of our largest staff networks and they warmly welcome new members throughout the year for social events, professional development and confidential support. Membership is confidential and any LGBT+ member of University or UPSU staff can join.

Become an LGBT+ Ally!

Are you passionate about supporting your LGBT+ colleagues and students? If you identify as heterosexual and/or cisgender but still want to help the University of Plymouth address LGBT+ equality then you may wish to join our vibrant LGBT+ Allies Network!

Sign up as an ally

Take part in an upcoming event

<p>Trans hand</p>
Learn how to be a Trans Ally with our workshop on 24 March
<p>heart lgbt grass</p>
Take part in LGBT+ Earth Day at our seminar on 22 April
<p>Time to tackle</p>
Tackle LGBT+phobia in Plymouth on 18 May
<p>plymouth pride hoe</p>

LGBT+ Inclusion

Discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation or transgender status are unacceptable and not tolerated at the University of Plymouth. We aim to create an environment that welcomes all and celebrates everyone for who they are.

We are a proud Stonewall Diversity Champion, we sponsor Plymouth Pride in August every year and host Pride on Campus every May along with the Students Union. As well as this we are here to offer practical support and guidance to all LGBT+ staff and students.

Find out about LGBT+ inclusion