Frequently asked questions

Who can use it?

The prepaid catered halls package is available to students who are staying in University managed halls of residence. These are:

Why should I sign up?

It is convenient and provides tasty, local and healthy foods Monday to Friday, 35 weeks of the year. It provides an alternative to the worry of having to manage budgeting. It is a great solution to someone with a busy lifestyle and most importantly these is no washing up!

How does it work?

Prepaid catered halls offers a stress free and flexible prepaid approach to eating during term times.

The dates that the prepaid catered halls offer is available are:

Monday 20 September 2021 - Friday 17 December 2021

Tuesday 4 January 2022 - Friday 3 June 2022

What is the cost?

The total amount of £1,575 is due when your accommodation is booked and confirmed. Payment will need to be made via the Estore.

You will be asked to confirm the name of the student, a valid contact number and if you have any dietary requirements.

Please read the terms and conditions document located at the bottom of this page. When making payment you will be asked to confirm that you have read and that you accept these terms and conditions.

Can my dietary requirements be catered for?

The majority of dietary requirements or allergens can be catered for by our team. A vegetarian and gluten free meal will always be available at meal times. If you do have a dietary requirement or allergen and would like to discuss, please contact the catering office by email:

How many meals are provided?

Breakfast and an evening meal are included in the prepaid catered halls package. These are provided Monday – Friday for 35 weeks excluding the Christmas break and Bank Holidays. 

Where are the meals served?

Breakfast is available in Drakes Café, RLB Café or John Bull Café Monday – Friday from 07:30 – 09:00

Dinner is served in Drakes Café Monday – Friday between 17:00 – 19:00

What is included?

Breakfast will consist of:

  • five item cooked breakfast or
  • breakfast bap or
  • continental (meats, cheese, fruit and yoghurt),
  • all served with tea and coffee, water or fruit juice.

Dinner will be two courses (main meal and desert). There will be two options – a meat based meal or a vegetarian meal which will also be gluten free. Served with tea and coffee, water or fruit juice.

Please see our sample menu for further details.

Can I swap breakfast or dinner for lunch?

Unfortunately no, the package covers breakfast and an evening meal.

Can I sign up half way through the year?

Currently the prepaid catered halls package is only available to students who sign up at the beginning of each academic year.

Can I sign up for prepaid catered halls a term at a time?

Currently the prepaid catered halls package is only available to students who sign up at the beginning of each academic year.

Can I get a refund for any meals I miss?

A refund will not be given if you miss any meals or if you do not take all or any of the meals provided whilst living in the accommodation or during the academic year, or if the food offered is not to your personal preference.

Terms and conditions