National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS)

Find out about our current award holders.

On these pages you will find information about our National Teaching Fellows (NTFs). For those NTFs who remain employed by the University, you can find out about their interests and expertise. Feel free to contact them for advice as relevant.

For information on the internal selection process for NTFS as well as for the Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE) , whether you are eligible to apply, and how to apply visit our SharePoint page.

National Teaching Fellows by year of award

Dr. Richard Ayres

Dr Richard Ayres (2018)
Lead for Population Health

Priska Schoenborn - National Teaching Fellow
National Teaching Fellows at University of Plymouth (UoP) by Year of Award
  • 2021: Dr Pollyanna Magne*
  • 2020: Dr Catherine Coelho, Dr Lucy Spowart
  • 2019: Professor Kamran Ali*, Dr Richard Ayres
  • 2017: Professor Hisham Khalil
  • 2016: Professor Hilary Neve*, Dr Jennie Winter *
  • 2015: Professor Debby Cotton*
  • 2014: Professor Stephen Sterling*
  • 2013: Adam Benjamin*, Professor Neil Witt*
  • 2012: Dr Suanne Gibson, Dr Paul Hewson*, Professor John Davies**
  • 2010: Professor Simon Belt, Professor Paul Bradley*, Dr Steve Gaskin**
  • 2009: Dr Karen Gresty *
  • 2008: Avril Butler (now Bellinger)*, Dr Chris Ricketts*
  • 2006: Dr Helen King*
  • 2005: Dr John Hilsdon*
  • 2004: Paul Murray*, Judith Waterfield*, Priska Schoenborn
  • 2003: Professor John McLachlan*
  • 2002: Professor Brian Chalkley*, Professor Pauline Kneale**
  • 2001: Dr Leslie Jervis*
  • 2000: Professor Susan Lea*
*no longer in UoP employment 
**at different HEI at time of award