CPR on dummy

Our widening access workshops are student-led hands-on interactive sessions aimed to inspire, inform and support students who are considering studying medicine, dentistry or biomedical sciences. Our student ambassadors encourage potential students from non-traditional backgrounds to engage, debunking some of the myths surrounding medical and dental schools, such as “only private/grammar school students are accepted”, not wanting any student to feel that they cannot pursue their ambition to be a future healthcare professional because of their family or school circumstances.

In addition WAMS (access to medicine), WADS (access to dentistry) and WABS (access to biomedical sciences) student ambassadors’ support almost all of the widening participation events and open days, including facilitating the Teddy Bear Hospital workshops. They also attend career fairs and assemblies held at local schools and colleges, run mock interview sessions and give tips and advice on personal statements upon request. Our volunteers are passionate about teaching and helping a wide range of students pursue a healthcare professional degree. Sometimes a visit from them will start school students thinking about university education when they haven’t before.

WAMS: Asthma and Airways

An interactive session, focusing on an asthma case scenario. This gives students an insight into Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and issues surrounding airways. This session is most suited for Year 9 and 10 and gets students thinking about what it takes to be a healthcare professional.

Structure of the workshop

  • Presentation – Brief overview of applying to and attending university.
  • Asthma scenario – The asthma case scenario will be presented to students and task booklets distributed. In groups of 2 or 3, students will work through the task and undertake the following activities.
  • Activity 1 – Stethoscopes will be demonstrated and given to pupils to listen to each others chests and heart.
  • Activity 2 – Peak flow meters will be demonstrated and each student will be given a mouth piece to try the peak flow meter. 
  • Questions, feedback and further details about the Peninsula Pathways programme.
  • Healthcare occupation quiz – if time allows students can participate in a quiz to match job titles to descriptions.

WAMS: Basic Life Support

An interactive introductory session to basic life support. The WAMS team will guide students and teachers through CPR, choking and the recovery position. This session is tailored for any age, ability or year group.

Structure of the workshop

  • Presentation – Brief overview of applying to and attending university as well as background facts on basic life support.
  • CPR station – Brief review over the DRABC method. Students will practice on our mannequins with supervision. 
  • Choking station – Review the immediate management of someone who is choking; including back slaps and abdominal thrusts. Students will again be given time to practice on our mannequins.
  • Recovery position station – Review when and why you would use the recovery position followed by practice on one another.
  • Questions, feedback and further information on the Peninsula Pathways programme.
  • Quiz – The session will end with a short quiz to assess the knowledge gained during the workshop and leave the students with key information on maintaining their skills.

WAMS: Applying for Medicine

An introduction to the process of applying for medicine. The session covers entry requirements, UCAS, UCAT, personal statements, interviews and more.

Structure of the workshop

  • Introduction – The WAMS students will introduce themselves and outline why they were inspired to study medicine.
  • Presentation – An overview of medical admissions processes, to include interview styles and admissions tests.
  • Have a go – A sample of UCAT and interview questions to have a go at.
  • Questions, feedback and further information about the Peninsula Pathways programme.