Peninsula Pathways for secondary school students

Deciding whether to go to university and what subject to study are always a big choice to make. As part of our Peninsula Pathways to the Healthcare Programme we offer a wide range of schemes and activities that support students from secondary schools and sixth form colleges.

Significant engagement in the Peninsula Pathways programme can be used as one of the contextual widening participation indicators if you are looking to apply to Peninsula Medical School or Peninsula Dental School with AAB. Significant engagement includes completion of the five-day summer Work Experience Programme, being a member of the e-Mentoring scheme and attended a minimum of three of the various Peninsula Pathways workshops by the end of Year 12.

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Peninsula Pathways PLUS outreach programme

The programme is available to students who come from socially and/or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds in Years 11 and 12.

Students who successfully complete the Pathways PLUS programme will be eligible to apply to any of the medical schools that are part of UKWPMED.

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Biology videos

In the first year of a degree in the Faculty of Health, you will learn about the human body and how it works. To give you an insight into the kind of topics you might cover, we have shared a number of 'taster' videos made by staff and students within the faculty.

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