Scholarships for international students

Before you apply please read our policy and procedure guidance, it may save you time and it will ensure that you are informed of our processes.

To reward outstanding achievement and to help ease any concerns you may have about funding your studies at the University of Plymouth, we are pleased to offer a number of international scholarships.

Please note: students who are eligible for multiple scholarships, awards or discounts by the University of Plymouth will only qualify for the highest amount awarded. Where a student may qualify for the alumni discount and a scholarship then the highest award only will be applied.

Mayflower Scholarship

Scholarship for US students. In recognition of Plymouth’s historic ties with the USA, we are pleased to announce that US citizens who join us in 2020 and 2021 will be eligible for a £1,620 discount off their international tuition fees.

* Subject to course of study, please see webpage for details of eligible courses