Degree Apprenticeship: BSc (Hons) Nursing - Mental Health

Course overview

Mental health nurses have a unique and profound impact on the lives of the people they care for, building and maintaining therapeutic relationships across all aspects of people’s lives. You'll gain the clinical and communication skills required to support the individual within their own recovery process. You'll develop the knowledge and experience to work within community, primary and acute care settings, and gain the confidence to help clients take the first steps to changing their lives.

You will focus on developing your interpersonal skills and the importance of building of therapeutic relationships. You’ll also focus on developing the practical and effective skills of relationship building with service users. You’ll have a balanced learning experience with a wide and innovative range of teaching and assessment methods both in academic study and in practice. Your time with us will enable you to work with a range of allied health professions and other fields of nursing.

Programme details

Year 1

In your first year, you'll be introduced to the course philosophy and perspectives on mental health. You'll learn about the concepts and theories common to all fields of nursing, and develop your skills in effective communication, collaborative working and professional practice. Your theoretical knowledge will be strengthened during two supervised practice placements.

Core modules:

  • MHN401 Communication and Therapeutic Engagement Skills
  • MHN402 Introduction to Mental Health
  • MHN404 Introduction to Management and Leadership
  • NRS403 Ways of Knowing
  • NRS405 Biology for Nursing Practice
  • NRS406 Skills and Practice for Nursing

Year 2

In your second year, you'll learn skills to undertake effective collaborative assessment and understand how to react to clients’ distress. You'll develop your personal and professional skills in order to enhance your critical thinking and work in a safe, evidence-based way. You'll also look at the impact of mental health from the perspective of service users and carers, and explore policies that shape service delivery.

Core modules:

  • MHN202 Mental Health Policy in Practice
  • MHN203 Lived Experience
  • MHN205 Practice (1)
  • MHN206 Medication Management
  • MHN207 Assessment and Formulation of Common Mental Health Problems
  • NRS204 Knowledge and Skills for Evidence-Informed Decision Making (1)

Final year

In your final year, you'll develop skills to deliver an effective range of interventions for clients experiencing complex needs. Your research skills will be strengthened through an opportunity for extended study on a mental health topic of your choice. You'll be able to apply your theoretical knowledge and understanding in practice, ensuring you'll be fully capable of a practitioner status.

Core modules:

  • MHN301 The Autonomous Practitioner
  • MHN303 Practice (2)
  • MHN304 Psychosocial Interventions to Meet Complex Mental Health Needs
  • NRS301 Management, Leadership and Transition to Professional Practice
  • NRS302 Knowledge and Skills for Evidence-Informed Decision Making (2)
Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’s policies and requirements. 

Rebecca Richards - BSc (Hons) Nursing - Mental Health

Do it, but know why you want to: you’ll need that when you’re up all night, or stressed out. It’s not an easy course; it challenges and changes you in a lot of different ways, so you have to want to be there.

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