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Image: Slow Painting, 24 January – 28 March 2020, The Levinsky Gallery - A Hayward Touring Exhibition from Southbank Centre, London

The Arts Institute (formerly Peninsula Arts) is proud to host a diverse range of contemporary art and culture supporting established, new and emerging artists from around the world. This includes acclaimed exhibitions featuring the work of Turner Prize winning artists; world renowned musical experiences; cutting-edge theatre productions; and a programme of talks providing new insight and perspectives into contemporary culture, society and history.

The Arts Institute is the curated public arts programme of the University of Plymouth which plays a pivotal role in building culture and art in the city and South West region, supporting established, new and emerging artists from around the world.

It comprises The Levinsky Gallery, a space for engaging, contemporary artworks; the Jill Craigie Cinema which screens a diverse range of classic films and contemporary cinematic masterpieces; a cutting-edge theatre and dance programme in The House; musical performances and concerts, and a year-long series of fascinating talks that open up a world of art, literature and history.

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British Art Show 9

8 October 2022 – 23 December 2022
Held every five years to showcase work of British artists who have made a significant contribution to international contemporary art, the ninth British Art Show (BAS9) returned to Plymouth for a second time.
This four venue, city-wide exhibition, welcomed 37 artists in total, including Abigail Reynolds, Cooking Sections and GAIKA. The exhibition was accompanied by a fascinating programme of films, bite size gallery insights and evening talks.
<p>BAS9 - Place holder image<br></p>

Maurizio Anzeri: On The Move 

Saturday 6 August – Sunday 11 September 
On The Move was a major presentation of Italian artist Anzeri’s practice from the last decade, alongside newly commissioned works. It was the outcome of a three-year dialogue with the artist, whose work responds to, and resonates with The Box’s diverse collections and narratives. 
<p>Heavenly Sounds Pink &amp; Yellow  <br></p>

Heavenly Sounds Pink & Yellow

PhD Showcase: Intercultural Painting

6 July – 30 July 2022
We journeyed through different cultures as we brought together three international artist-researchers in our PhD Showcase: Intercultural Painting. We explored and celebrated the inherent intercultural works of three individuals reaching the end of their PhD journey. Exhibiting the works of Shaikha Almehana from Kuwait, Lei Liu from China, and Bogdan Sassu from Romania.

Detail from Dervish, Shaikha Almehana, 2021<br></p>

Detail from Dervish, Shaikha Almehana, 2021

Breaking the Mould

26 March 2022 – 5 June 2022
Breaking the Mould challenged the male-dominated narratives of post-war British sculpture by presenting a diverse and significant range of ambitious works by women. It was the first survey of post-war British sculpture by women, providing a radical recalibration, addressing the many accounts of British sculpture that have marginalised women or airbrushed their work from art history altogether. 
<p>Breaking the Mould Feature panel</p>

Expressionism: Emotions Unchained 

Expressionism is one of the most intense and influential movements in art. Its defining characteristic is the artistic interpretation of the emotions that arise from experiencing daily realities, rather than a portrayal of the realities themselves.
Our festival Expressionism: Emotions Unchained offered a unique integration of pivotal music, visual art, and film of this energetic and vibrant artistic era of unbounded influence. We hosted four extraordinary evenings with world-leading artists.
<p>Expressionism: Emotions Unchained, Illustration by BA (Hons) Illustration student Milly Gowan<br></p>

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters

21 October 2021 – 27 February 2022 | The Levinsky Gallery and The Box
This award-winning exhibition took visitors on an epic journey that traversed three states, three deserts and some 500,000 square kilometres, travelling from west to east: to places in the deserts of the Martu, the Ngaanyatjarra and the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) peoples. Using the power of contemporary art, performance, song, photography and multimedia, Songlines shared ancient stories from the world’s oldest continuing culture.
<p>Seven Sisters Songline 1994 by Josephine Mick, Ninuku Arts © the artist/Copyright Agency 2020. Image: National Museum of Australia<br></p><p>(cropped)</p>

Seven Sisters Songline 1994 by Josephine Mick, Ninuku Arts © the artist/Copyright Agency 2020. Image: National Museum of Australia






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