Celluloid Psychology series

Introducing the new season

Celluloid Psychology was devised by Dr Alastair Smith (School of Psychology) as an antidote to the usual depictions of psychology on our screens. Each of our carefully selected films are curated and introduced by a specialist in human behaviour, who will discuss how their area of expertise can shed unexpected light on the psychological questions explored in the film.

Below are the three films, each chosen by an academic, that we’ll be exploring under the theme of Storytelling.

January – March 2022 season

Before I go to Sleep (15)

31 January 2022

Introduced by Dr Alyson Norman, an expert in human neuropsychology, who will discuss the importance of memory in the creation of our personal histories.

Christine Lucas awakens each day with no memory for the things or people around her. We learn that this amnesia can be traced to a traumatic incident in her past, and a neurologist suggests that she use a camera to record her daily thoughts and experiences. Only then does the mysterious story behind her situation begin to unravel.

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<p>Before I Go To Sleep, courtesy of Studio Canal</p>

Five Broken Cameras (15)

28 February 2022

Introduced by Dr Rana Abu-Zhaya, a developmental psycholinguist who will discuss representation and decolonisation in the context of an ongoing conflict.

This award-winning documentary follows a Palestinian father as he films his friends resisting the building of a separation barrier in their village. Whilst documenting their activism, he also records his son growing up. Over time, the two narratives become painfully intertwined, destroying both cameras and lives.

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<p>Still from Five Broken Cameras (2012) directed by 
Emad Burnat.<br></p>

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (15)

28 March 2022

Introduced by Dr Steven Samuel, a cognitive psychologist, who will explore how the images we hold in our minds form our sense of self and others.

To his dismay, Joel learns that his ex-girlfriend Clementine has undergone a procedure to remove him, and their relationship, from her memory. In retaliation, he procures the same services for himself, and we learn about their history as it is erased from his mind. After a while, Joel begins to question the wisdom of his decision, and learns that the difficult times can be just as important as the happy ones.

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<p>Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind</p>

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