Student writing
Q. What do I do if I miss my exam?
A. You can submit extenuating circumstances if your reasons for missing the exam were exceptional and beyond your control.
Q. I have a temporary illness or injury and need some emergency support to enable me to sit the exam. What do I do?
A. Please visit our temporary medical condition or injuries page where you can find out about our policy on the subject.
Q. I don’t need my Modified Assessment Provision any more; can I sit my exam with the main group?
A. If you no longer need your provisions you should notify Disability Inclusion Services so that they can amend their records accordingly. 
If you do this after the exam timetables have been published you will need to sit in your MAP venue for those exams. There will not be a seat for you at the main venue. 
Q. Can I use a calculator in an exam and if so if how do I get my calculator approved?
A. Please read our calculator policy.
Q. Can I bring food or drink into an exam? 
A. You may be permitted to bring in sweets and bottles of water or soft drink but must open these items before the start of the examination to avoid distracting other candidates. The invigilator reserves the right to confiscate any food or drink items that may cause a distraction to other candidates.
Q. Can I request to see my completed exam script after its been handed in?
A. Yes you are entitled to see your completed exam script ‘under supervision’ but you will not be permitted to take the script away with you.
Q. Who do I tell if I cannot sit my exam?
A. If you are sitting in a main venue with other candidates you do not need to inform us that you will not be attending. 
If you have Modified Assessment Provisions (MAPs) which require you to have your own room you MUST inform the Exams Timetabling Office (contact details below).
It is very important you inform the exam scheduler as soon as possible so that the invigilator can be stood down Please do not inform your school or faculty office as they may not pass on the message and you may be charged. 
Examinations Timetabling Office contact details:
Q. Should I sit my exam if I think I have extenuating circumstances?
A. The University operates a ‘fit-to-sit’ policy for time-specific assessments, such as examinations, tests, presentations or performances. If you think that your ability to attend or complete a time-specific assessment is being affected by extenuating circumstances, you must not sit or complete the time-specific assessment and must submit an Extenuating Circumstances form. 
If you attempt a time-specific assessment, this is normally taken as your declaration that you consider yourself fit to do so.
An Extenuating Circumstances claim form and more guidance can be found on the extenuating circumstances webpage.