Exam rules and regulations
In most cases, you are allowed to take a non-programmable pocket calculator into your exam. You will be informed if this is not the case. The word "calculator" is strictly interpreted as a calculator which will enable numerical answers to be obtained from numerical input data. 
However, you must use a calculator from the list of calculators approved for use in formal examinations and you must also ensure that your calculator has a University approved sticker fixed to the upper operating side of the calculator. These stickers are available from your school or faculty office.
Any non-programmable calculator which does not bear a security label, or has a security label which may have been tampered with, will be removed and replaced by a non-programmable calculator from University stocks (if available) for the duration of the examination.
No programmable calculators will be permitted to be used during an examination unless expressly allowed by the module examiner. "Programmable" in this context means calculators which have the capability of storing words. Programmable calculators should not have - or be given - a security label.