Exam rules and regulations

Building the examination timetable for a large number of students across the campus is a complex and time consuming task.

In scheduling exams we make every effort to ensure that the examination load is spread as evenly as possible. Our timetables are devised using the following principles:

1.  Exams sessions may run between 9am and 7pm in the evening (Monday to Friday only). Students must make themselves available during these times.

2.  Students should not have more than one exam per day.

3. During the main examination periods in January and May exams may be scheduled on up to three consecutive days. However, every effort will be made to minimise instances of exams on three consecutive days particularly in relation to final stage students. Scheduling of exams on four or more consecutive days is not permitted.

4. Examinations on consecutive days will not, necessarily, be separated by a free morning or afternoon (however evening exams on one day should not be followed by a morning exam on the next).

Using this criteria only essential changes will be made to the timetable. 

Should you wish to request a change please bear the following in mind:

  • A draft timetable is usually available in mid-November (for the January exam period) and at the end of January (for the May exam period)
  • Requests for changes must be made via your School Office. We will post the exact date the draft timetable will be published and the deadline for submitting requests for changes here when the information is available
  • Enquiries made to any other office will not be considered
  • ‚ÄčTimetabling principles apply to the main exam period. It may not always be possible to uphold these for referred exams.