electronic Practice Assessment Document (ePAD)

ePAD is for Nursing students. The Practice Assessment Document (PAD) provides a comprehensive record of professional development and performance in practice. 

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Who can sign off what in ePAD?

Practice supervisor

  • 6 Orientation
  • 6 Initial interview
  • 6 Assessment of proficiencies

Practice assessor

  • 6 Orientation
  • 6 Initial interview
  • 6 Mid-point interview
  • 6 Final interview
  • 6 OAR
  • 6 Assessment of proficiencies
  • 6 Episodes of care
  • 6 Medicines management

Guidance Documents for Developing NMC Proficiencies

Help and support

If you are having any difficulty using the ePAD site, please contact the POPPI team.

If you receive any error messages it is useful if you can send us a screenshot of the message along with the detail of when the message appeared.