Midwifery electronic Ongoing Achievement Record (MeOAR)

Introducing the Midwifery eOAR

The full MeOAR will be available for all midwifery students when they start their placements in the 2020/2021 academic year.

We recommend you do not use Internet Explorer when accessing ePAD as this disables several functions. Please use an alternative browser such as (but not restricted to): Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Who can sign off what in MeOAR?

Practice assessor

  • 6 Learning contract
  • 6 Learning plan
  • 6 Interim reviews
  • 6 End of year report - including confirmation of completion of EU log
  • 6 PAD - grading of criteria

Practice supervisor

  • 6 EU log
  • 6 Learning plan
  • 6 PAD - signing competencies and recording evidence

Help and support

If you are having any difficulty using the MeOAR site, please contact the POPPI team.

If you receive any error messages it is useful if you can send us a screenshot of the message along with the detail of when the message appeared.