Primary school children

Mentoring and coaching training for all staff

We have a responsibility to ensure that all appropriate staff are fully prepared for their contribution to:
  • recruitment and selection of student teachers
  • the planning, facilitation, and evaluation of initial student training
  • monitoring the progress and development of student teachers
  • assessment and moderation of assessment of student teachers.
Please contact the partnership office at if you would like to discuss opportunities for mentor training.
University-Led Partnership Schools and Partner-Led Partnership Schools
Both University-Led and Partner-Led Partnership Schools have a responsibility to ensure that all teaching staff working with student teachers attend a briefing meeting prior to each school experience. This meeting includes a briefing about the school experience itself and how class teachers, in their role as school based tutors, will support student teachers throughout the placement.
Teaching staff from University-Led Partnership Schools can also attend mentoring and coaching training led by the Mentoring and Coaching Lead.
Teaching staff from Partner-Led Partnership Schools must have at least one trained mentor who acts in a supervisory role for the student teacher when on school experience, known as School Mentors. School Mentors must undertake update training every third year. This mentoring and coaching training is led by the Mentoring and Coaching Lead. This level of mentoring and coaching will enable the School Mentor to fulfil the Partner-Led Partnership School’s responsibility as exemplified in the ITE Placement and Partnership Agreement.

Relevant documents for academic year 2023/24

The information and documents below are for use by primary partner schools and mentors.  
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