Equality, diversity and social mobility
At Plymouth, we believe that anyone with the potential to succeed at university should be given the opportunity to do so. We are proud of our tradition of welcoming students of differing ages, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, abilities and learning differences to our campuses and want to ensure that they go on to achieve their aspirations.
How we help our students

We are a friendly, supportive team of qualified Careers professionals, here for you from the day you enrol. Throughout your time at university and beyond, you can:
  •  explore your career ideas or generate some with an adviser in the Careers Hub. You don’t have to know what you want to do; we can chat to you about your thoughts and listen to any concerns that you have about your individual circumstances.
  •  use our online platform MyCareer to access careers advice, tutorials and job opportunities at home.  You can also build your CV, cover letter and practice your interview technique using AI-assisted technology.
  •  come to our careers fairs, networking events and competitions. Careers fairs include a Quiet Hour with reduced lighting and noise for a calmer experience.
  •  join our “Accelerate” workshops covering the topics that matter to students; from How to Write a CV to How to Network with Confidence. 

More focussed activities

We also offer more activities and experiences including:

Professional Mentoring Programme

Get advice, professional insight and support with your career development with your own Professional Mentor on this six-month programme. 
We will match you with a Professional Mentor who is working in an industry that (as far as possible) reflects your interests and provide you with the opportunity to meet up with them on a regular basis either face-to-face, online, via e-mail or over the phone. 
Take a look at our Professional Mentoring Programme for more details.
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Soar! with us 

Soar! Is an enhanced package of support and activities for UK (United Kingdom) Home undergraduates who may have barriers to accessing higher education. Based on the GROW Your Future programme pioneered by Lancaster University, Soar! includes financial support for work experience and training, workshops to reveal your inner strengths and help you apply for popular and competitive job opportunities both as a student and ultimately a graduate.
Soar! has been developed to help you access new experiences your way, enhancing your skills and growing in confidence while you are at university.  Our opt-in programme includes:
  • Head Start, a welcome to university day before the Autumn term starts 
  • early notification of popular events or job opportunities such as our Student Ambassador scheme.
  •  dedicated workshops to reveal your hidden strengths and help you approach employers with confidence.
  • a Career Development Bursary of up to £250 to help with the cost of work experiences or other development opportunities. 
  • a Career Insight Programme consisting of five-weeks of part-time work experience, successful completion of which will lead to the opportunity to apply for a bursary of £1000.
We are pleased to announce the first of our initiatives for students under-represented groups at the University; the Career Insight Programme and the Career Development Bursary.

Funded opportunities for underrepresented students

Career Development Bursary

This bursary, worth up to £250 is intended to help you access career development opportunities that would otherwise not be possible due to the costs involved.
What can be funded?
The bursary is for extra-curricular career development activities such as:
  • expenses associated with work experiences including placements, internships or volunteering
  • attending industry and/or sector specific conferences
  • attending career networking events
  • membership of professional organisations relevant to your career aspirations
  • attending accredited and non-accredited training courses relevant to your career aspirations.
You can apply for funding for more than one activity/event on one application, but you must specify how each one will enhance your career development.
If you are successful, we will ask you to provide us with a brief case study outlining your experiences and how the activity helped you meet your career goals. This will be used (with your permission) on the University’s website and in publications.
What cannot be funded with the bursary?
  • Activities which are unrelated to career learning and development such as statutory professional registration fees, sports clubs and societies.
  • Field trips, placements or other excursions that are a core part of your academic programme.
  • Costs for activities which have been covered by another budget such as the Career Insight Bursary or the Santander Scholarship.
  • Costs above the £250 limit.
Who can apply?
  • UK Home undergraduates whose household income was assessed by their Student Finance provider as under £35,000 per year and have applied for all available funding from their Student Finance provider including the means-tested element of the maintenance loan and belong to one or more of the following groups:
  • Students from areas where few people access higher education (low-participation neighbourhoods) * or from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background.
  • Black, Asian, mixed heritage or another minority ethnic group.
  • Disabled students or students with a mental health condition, medical condition or specific learning difference.
  • Neurodivergent students for example autistic or dyslexic students, students with ADHD and students with Tourette's – although this list is not exhaustive.
  • Mature or over 21 when they start their first degree
  • Care-leavers
  • Caring for another vulnerable adult
*Low Participation Neighbourhood: An area where a low percentage of students progress to higher education. You can check to see if your home postcode qualifies by entering the postcode on the Office for Students webpage.   Your postcode qualifies if it shows as POLAR4 – Quintile 1. Quintile 1 means this is an area where the fewest students progress into higher education.

Application process
There are three application windows in which you can apply for the Career Development Bursary:

Autumn term: 1 October – 1 December 2022
Spring term: 1 February – 15 April 2023
Summer term: 15 May – 30 June 2023
Make your application
Your application will be assessed at the end of the application window together with all others. If you are successful, you will be paid through the Bursary Administration System directly into your bank account.
The application form will be made live on 1 October 2022 however if you have any questions, please just get in touch with us in the Careers Service via the Careers Hub careers@plymouth.ac.uk 

Bursary case study: Yasmin Meeda

Yasmin applied for a Santander Bursary, a predecessor to do the Career Development Bursary.
"With the bursary I wanted to be able to visit the science museum after hours, watch the phenomenal Sir David Attenborough receive a lifetime science award and network with fellow scientists. Such an opportunity would allow me to gain an insight into the career opportunities available after a masters.
The grant made it possible for me to meet with Dame Julia Goodfellow and discuss opportunities for encouraging BAME students into science, network and discover that completing a PhD could help to open doors. 
This has given me hope for a career as a research scientist. It was the perfect opportunity to meet inspirational, like-minded people and explore the wonderful world of science."



Careers Insight Programme

The Careers Insight Programme includes 100 hours of work experience within a University department or external organisation, working on a clearly defined project.  Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a bursary payment of £1,000.
As well as providing you with a high-quality, professional experience, you will also experience a typical graduate recruitment process, preparing you well for the future!   
You will also be required to complete a testimonial/case study to reflect your time on the programme and offered a scheduled appointment with a dedicated Careers Consultant once you have finished. 

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Eligibility for the Careers Insight Programme 

You should be a UK Home undergraduate with a household income of less than £35,000 and have applied for all available funding from Student Finance – including all mean-tested support.  You should also meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • You are from an area where there is low take-up of higher education* or from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background.
  • You are Black, Asian or from another minority ethnic group.
  • You are Disabled or have a long-term medical or mental health condition.
  • You are Neurodivergent, for example autistic, dyslexic, have ADHD or Tourette's – although this list is not exhaustive.
  • A mature student or over 21 when you started your first undergraduate degree.
  • Care-leavers.
  • Caring for another vulnerable adult
*Low Participation Neighbourhood: A neighbourhood where a low percentage of people enter higher education. You can check to see if your home postcode qualifies by entering it on the Office for Students webpage. Scroll down to the ‘Area-based measures postcode look-up’ box, enter the postcode and press ‘view detailed results. If your postcode results show either of the following, then your postcode is eligible: POLAR4 – Quintile 1
How do I apply?
  • Check you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Log on to MyCareer where the opportunities are advertised. When you see one that you like, click on “apply.”
  • Complete the online application, upload your CV and cover letter telling us why you would like to undertake this experience and what you could bring to the specific role. We can help you with your application.
  • Shortlisting will take place after applications close and you will be notified if you have been successful.
Should the programme be oversubscribed, priority will be given to specific under-represented students who are Black and/or from a Low Participation Neighbourhood.

Please continue to visit!

We will be adding more resources and information to these pages in due course and would welcome your feedback.

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