Business students benefit from Embercombe's Catalyst course
We've taken this a step further and jointly developed an agreement that sets out the key ways we can all take action, as well as what we can expect in return. Through this partnership, we're enhancing academic standards and achieving the University’s vision, mission and values.

Our commitment to you

Working and learning together
  • We encourage everyone to be a part of our inclusive community, in which we're all treated respectfully and independently to ensure equal opportunities for all.
  • Learning takes place in a stimulating environment, with high quality research-informed teaching and academic support using methods appropriate to your subject. 
  • High quality tutorial support is provided for your wellbeing and personal development, enhancing lifelong learning skills for future success. 
  • We'll provide fair and impartial assessment of your coursework, returned with appropriate constructive feedback, within 20 working days.
  • Internal and external monitoring allows us to review and improve the quality of courses. We provide regular opportunities for you to comment on the provision of academic and service support.
  • Providing education in a diverse community, with opportunities to study internationally. 
  • Committing to sustainability and social responsibility in all our activities.
  • Promoting a culture of active, co-operative citizenship through involvement with our communities.
  • Engage with feedback through UPSU representatives on our sustainability policies.
  • Providing varied opportunities to gain enterprising skills and attributes that are highly valued and sought by employers.
Health, safety and security
  • Providing a safe, secure and healthy learning environment.
  • Offering a wide range of services and facilities with trained and qualified staff who will provide information, assistance and advice before and after graduation. 
  • Providing clear information about course fees, payment options and deadlines, including an estimate of any optional extra costs for specific facilities and services.

Your commitment to us

Working and learning together
  • Recognising the partnership between members of the University by showing mutual respect and working together.
  • Taking responsibility for your own learning, with regular attendance and active participation in all learning activities.
  • Making the most of all opportunities for development of skills and knowledge, and constructive use of contact time with tutors.
  • Submitting assessed work on time in accordance with academic regulations, and reflecting on feedback to inform your continued learning.
  • Helping to improve the experience for current and future students by making your views known at the earliest opportunity through active feedback, the course representative system, and your Students’ Union.
  • Appreciating your potential as an informed global citizen who can apply knowledge in a diverse society.
  • Being aware of economic, environmental, social and ethical issues.
  • Recognising that you are a member of wider local communities, with appropriate responsibilities and opportunities.
  • Identify any areas for continual improvement on our sustainability policies (including the carbon management plan) through your UPSU representatives. 
  • Recognising opportunities to enhance your employability prospects through programme-related and extra-curricular activities.
Health, safety and security
  • Being proactive to ensure your own and others’ health, safety and security both on and off campus.
  • Making effective use of facilities and services provided and planning your use of resources responsibly and in accordance with published codes of practice.
  • Making prompt payment of any charges due to the University.

The Students’ Union 

The Students' Union (UPSU) plays an essential role in the enhancement of the student experience.
UPSU undertakes to:
  • ensure that the Students’ Union is run for students, by students
  • encourage and support students' participation in quality enhancement activities – especially through the election, development and training of course representatives
  • communicate students' views to the University
  • assist students with academic and welfare problems either via UPSU advice or by sabbatical support via representation or campaigns
  • represent the interests of students at both a local and national level
  • support active student/community engagement and proactively work with students and external agencies in encouraging positive social behaviour
  • provide a range of student-led societies, sports clubs, and volunteering opportunities to enhance personal and professional development.