Student voice

Our students' feedback is vital in channelling new ideas into the experience we offer both now and in the future. Why not hear what our students say? 

You said, we did!

Feedback, comments and requests are collected continually through surveys, focus groups, course reps and working in partnership with our students. Take a look at how your feedback has been acted upon throughout Plymouth University:

You said you wanted a more nimble digital learning platform, we delivered a new digital learning environment.  
You said you wanted a Mac refresh, we delivered a new fleet of Mac computers.   
You said you wanted longer opening hours in the Media Hub, we extended them.  
You said you wanted more feedback and marks earlier, we are introducing a semesterised academic year that will give you just that.  
You said you wanted access to, we bought a licence for you to use it at University and at home.  
You asked for 24hr access to computing facilities with dedicated industry facing software, we arranged access.
You asked for the opportunity of more online submissions, we have increased the numbers of coursework items submitted electronically.
You said you wanted additional writing support, we launched the Writing CafĂ©.  
You said you wanted more student representation on University Committees, student representation is found at all levels of University Committee Structures.  
You wanted high quality Performing Arts and Theatre provision, we delivered The House.  

National Student Survey

This is a great opportunity for current students to give their honest opinions about their experiences as a student at Plymouth University. The results from this survey are also a helpful tool to support decision making for potential students.

Student Perception Questionnaire

The University runs this in-house annual student feedback survey for students to let us know how they view their experience. With a response rate of over 60 per cent, it is considered to be representative of the views of our students.

UPSU - University of Plymouth Students' Union

We facilitate student representation at all levels, host the sports clubs and societies, manage campus sport facilities and provide volunteering opportunities, independent advice, entertainment, shop, accommodation, catering and bars.

UPSU is student led and democratic. The majority of our trustees are elected student officers and all of our major decisions are made by students.

Visit the UPSU website