Dr Jasper Graham-Jones

Dr Jasper Graham-Jones

Associate Professor in Mechanical and Marine Engineering

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Jasper can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Materials failure
  • Failure analysis
  • Marine technology
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Boat and yacht surveying
  • Welding, adhesive and joining technologies


Associate Professor in Mechanical & Marine Engineering
Partner College Academic Lead to 10 Colleges.

Past Admissions Tutor For Mechanical Engineering & Marine Technology degrees

Past Internationalisation Lead Tutor for Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering, and Marine Technology degrees



1999-2000        Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning Higher Education, University of Portsmouth.

1993-97 PhD in ENGINEERING MATERIALS FAILURE ANALYSIS, Southampton University. "The Development of a Generic Failure Analysis Expert System". to predict the most probable failure mode and to suggest through an e-learning multimedia interface, methods for failure management prevention. Nine publications resulted from this work. Current developments are to use the Internet for a multiple platform approach to e-learning, and to develop a framework for failure analysis knowledge for future systems.

1993-94 City & Guilds 7307 Teacher Training Certificate, Eastleigh College

1992-93 MSc in Welding and Adhesive Bonding of Engineering Materials, Brunel University, London. Projects:- SCORTEC Welding of Short Uni-directional Kevlar fibre Polyurethane Elastomer Composites, and The design of a Land-yacht.

1989-92 BEng (Hons) in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (2:1) Nottingham (Trent) Polytechnic. Project:- Corrosion Susceptibility of Laser Cut Stainless Steel.

1987-89 HND in Mechanical Engineering, Oxford Polytechnic

1984-87 OND in Computer Aided Engineering, EITB, and City & Guilds Certificate of Engineering Technician Training, Chichester College of Further Education

Professional membership

Institute of Materials Minerials & Mining www.IOM3.org

Roles on external bodies

Elected Looe Harbour Commissioner. 2013-current. 

Involved in (1) Promotion and diversification of fishing industry to include other harbour business.
(2) Sympatric developments of the harbour and restorations of its listed buildings and walls.

RNLI Coastal Safety Volunteer for South East Cornwall 2011- Current. 

 Responsible for leading and helping to coordinate Coastal and Sea Safety Advisers and events from Plymouth to Fowey.

Educational Associate Advisor for the British Council

Past Advisor to British Council Development Service in Science, Engineering and Technology (2005-2012). I advised the British Council and BC scholarship awardees on the most appropriate education course/programme of study to take which will benefit the student and their home country and comply with government guidelines on overseas development. Editor for the British Council’s careers & HE Course leaflets on Engineering, and Computing (2009 -2010). Funding bids review for PMI & Chevening Science & Innovation: Policy & Practice(SIPP) Courses 2009-2010. Inspire 2009-2010

Teaching interests

Level 4

 Marine Craft Drawing and Design 
Integrated System Design /Team Engineering
Engineering Design

Level 5
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Marine Composites and Vessel Surveying
Manufacturing and Materials

Level 6
Small Craft Surveying, Small Craft Structures and Systems
Manufacturing and Structural Integrity
Manufacturing Processes
Honours Project (BEng in ME, CME, MST), t(BSc)

Level 7
Product Failure and Materials Optimisation
Advanced Materials Engineering & Nanotechnology

Level 8 
Four PhDs Studentships as Director of Studies.

Staff serving as external examiners

Bournemouth University ,  MEng, BEng Mechanical Engineering 2018-current

Solent University, External Examiner for BEng Yacht and Powercraft Design 2015-2020

University of Chichester.
External Examiner for HND Engineering run at Isle of Wight College, Since Newport.2012-

Sheffield Hallam University. External Examiner for the Forensic Engineering & Material Science since Nov 2009-2014. And with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College TARC in Malaysia 2013 - 2016 for Materials Engineering which is a Partner College.

Degree Validation 

Cornwall College
HNC/HND Marine Engineering; and HND Engineering 2014/15

PETROC College
HNC/Foundation degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering 2014

Plymouth City College
FdSc Mechanical Engineering
FdSc Naval Architecture

Solent University
  • Yacht Engineering Degree Programs 2014.

University of East Anglia and the University of Essex

  • B.Eng Operational Engineering 31 Jan 2011

University of Portsmouth

  • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, Applied Biomedical Science 7 and 8 May 2008;

  •  BSc Web Technology, Jan 2009;

  • BSc(Hons) Computing and the Digital Image, May 2008,

  • BA (Hons) International Development Studies March 2009;

  • B.Sc Applied Physics Feb 2010.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Current Research Students

PhD/MPhil Examiner with Sheffield Hallam University (2) ; Portsmouth University (6) and Conventry University (1)

Past PhD supervisor for Jorge Bergasa andAlexandre Lassauniere and an investigator for the Knowledge TransferPartnership (KTP) with Counterpoint MTC Ltd

Grants & contracts

  • Small Grants 2015:- Reducing scour impacts: The design and development of an eco-friendly fixed mooring With Dr Stacey DeAmicis (£2500).

    Sense of space and situational awareness in a virtual bridge environment - developing a set of internationally interoperable training parameters for the safe remote operation of unmanned marine vehicles with Chris Pollard (£2500).
  • Crumb Rubber Ltd. KTP on Product Development of Polymer and recycled crumb rubber composites 2013-2015

•     I developed a Marine Composite Short Course (2009-10) for local industry involving two universities (Solent, Portsmouth) and two colleges (Highbury, Southampton City) with (£19,500) funding from the Hampshire & IOW Lifelong learning network.


•     South Boats Ltd I am lead academic with South Boats Ltd, and Purple Door (Univ of Portsmouth) where we won a proof of concept award for £50,000 to develop a new hull design via Rapid-Prototyping (RP) models. £10,000 is due to the University for the development of RP models (2008-2010).


•     Alitex Ltd £49,000 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (2002-05) with Alitex Ltd (Greenhouse Manufacturer) & Univ of Portsmouth. I was the academic leader and M.Phil supervisor for Daniel Farnandez. Through guidance from myself and Prof. Nick Bennett, implementation of lean manufacturing practices reduced lead times by 40%, making it possible for the company to win an international competitive bid for a £¾ million contract. Other savings include a reduction in chemicals of £2500 per annum, 94% reduction on water and 75% reduction in handling. The partnership has resulted in two undergraduate and two post-graduate company based and sponsored projects. Additionally our work at Alitex Ltd came second behind The Rover Group for the MX2004 Manufacturing Excellence Award for the UK’s best and most effective educational and company partnership.


•     Iracroft Ltd. (2006-8) This £49,000 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) was involved in the development of lean manufacturing practices in the welding of steel tube for which I have been involved as technical welding expert and M.Phil supervisor for David Rudderford. This KTP undertaken with Professor Nick Bennett, Faculty of Technology and Professor Mike Kaye, Business School UoP, was rated as excellent by the Department of Trade and Industry. 


•     CompositeIQ. I was leading co-ordinator of the UK section for a 2.9 Million Euro EU Framework 5 contract for the development of a European Research Institute in Composites via a Virtual network project with an added value to UoP of £297,000. This has involved extensive travelling in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, and Spain to visit the 28 other partners. The project was developed with the Isle of Wight Economic Partnership and UoP (Prof N. Bennett) which has resulted in UoP being promoted as a Centre of Excellence in Marine Composites and Rapid Prototyping throughout Europe. My work involved the development of the business plan and the specification, coordination & authorship of the virtual network with on-line resources. As lead partner for the UK, I have coordinated the Newbury Enterprise Hub, Oxford Innovations, and the Southampton Enterprise Hub. This has also involved the support of local companies in providing technical resources e.g. SP Systems, Warwick University Rapid Prototyping Centre, etc. (2002-2007)


Key publications are highlighted

Al-Bahrani M, Graham-Jones J, Gombos Z, Al-Ani A & Cree A 2019 'High‐efficient multifunctional self‐heating nanocomposite‐based MWCNTs for energy applications' International Journal of Energy Research 44, (2) 1113-1124 , DOI
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Conference Papers
Michelena AH, Graham-Jones J, Summerscales J & Hall W 2016 'Eco-friendly Flax Fibre/Epoxy Resin/Composite System for Surfboard Production' Springer Netherlands 267-277 , DOI
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Additional information

Royal National Lifeboat Institute Crew member since 1999 till 2011 at Hayling Island. Involved in 60+ resuces each year. Sep 2010 awarded “Framed Letter of Thanks” for saving two lives and yacht in Force 10 winds, and 24ft tall waves. RNLI Sea Safety and Coastal Safety Officer at Looe Lifeboat since 2011 till current.

H.M. Coastguard Looe, Cliff rescue officer since 2011

Sailing:- Member of Cargreen Yacht Club, Past member of Mengham Rythe Sailing Club, Curiser Committee member. 

Currently restoring a 8m Telstar sailing trimaran. Previously a 18ft Hardy Navigator; 17ft Plymouth Pilot and others