James Hepworth

James Hepworth

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



PhD research student with the Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES).

Project: Novel insights into CO2 sequestration in peridotite.


Tony MorrisMichelle Harris


MSci (Hons) Earth Sciences - University of Manchester 2015-2019.

Professional membership

Member of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland.



Teaching interests

So far I have taught on the following modules:

GEOL2006 Bovisand and Dartmoor field trips 2021 (80 hours).

GEOL2003 Lizard Peninsula field trip 2021 (40 hours).

ENVS1002 Rock and Mineral ID practicals 2021 (4 hours).

GEOL5002 Dartmoor field trip 2021 (20 hours).

ENVS2004 Environmental Issues and Communication 2021 (32 hours).

ENVS1010 Global Environmental Challenges, Earthquakes 2022 (6 hours).

GEOL2006 Bovisand and Dartmoor field trips 2022 (16 hours).

GEOL1006 Lizard Peninsula field trip 2022 (32 hours).

ENVS1002 Rock and Mineral ID practicals 2022 (8 hours).

GEOL1008 Torbay field trip 2022 (8 hours).

CHM009 Foundation Chemistry Titration practical 2022 (3 hours).

GGH2206 Dartmoor Field Trip 2022 (8 hours).

GEOL1009 Dartmoor Field trip 2022 (8 hours).

GEOL1009 Minerals and Rocks practical's 2022 (24 hours).

ENVS2004 Environmental Issues and Communication 2022 (12 hours).

Completed the SALT (Supporting Assessment, Learning and Teaching) workshop at the University of Plymouth.



Research interests

Ophiolites, Oceanic Lithosphere, Palaeomagnetism, Petrology, Magnetic Petrology, Geochemistry.

Grants & contracts

Awarded the 2021 British Geophysical Association Gray-Milne Travel Bursary.




Carter, E. J., O’Driscoll, B., Burgess, R., Clay, P. L., Hepworth, J., & The Oman Drilling Project Science Team (2021). Bimodal alteration of the oceanic crust revealed by halogen and noble gas systematics in the Oman Ophiolite. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126, e2021JB022669. https://doi.org/10.1029/2021JB022669

Other Publications

Morris A, Di Chiara A, Anderson M, MacLeod C, Koornneef L, Hepworth J & Harris M (2022). Coeval volcanism and rotation of Neotethyan oceanic crust in the Oman ophiolite – fact or fiction?. , DOI

Hepworth J, Morris A, Harris M, Harrison R J, & Schwarzenbach E (2023). Novel Insights into the Palaeomagnetism of Serpentinized Peridotites from the Oman and Troodos Ophiolites. Magnetic Interactions 2023 conference poster abstract (Winner of best conference poster award). https://www.magneticinteractions.co.uk/programme 



Conferences organised

Co-organised 2022 CRES conference, University of Plymouth.

Other academic activities

Postgraduate Research Health & Safety Representative, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Additional information

COVID-19 Volunteer Vaccinator, St John Ambulance.

Volunteered at the 2023 Natural History Museum volcanoes outreach day.

Tutor at The Brilliant Club.