Pastoral and Spiritual Support team

The University of Plymouth Pastoral and Spiritual Support team is made up of a diverse range of people from different faiths

Debbie Clement-Large, Pastoral and Spiritual Support Advisor 

Debbie Clement-Large

Multi Faith Pastoral and Spiritual Care Co-ordinator
  • Leads, manages and co-ordinates the Pastoral & Spiritual Support service
  • Runs Success Intelligence workshops and the weekly Wednesday lunchtime meditation class
Debbie became interested in personal development and spirituality after the death of her dad when she was 15. She is a Personal Development Coach and a licensed spiritual practitioner having studied the science of spiritual psychology. She is currently undertaking a masters in Consciousness Studies. She also runs her own personal development private practice and has coached people in many different corners of the world both personally and professionally. Alongside being a Life Coach she is also a Meditation Practitioner, a Mindfulness Practitioner, a Stress Management Practitioner, A CBT Practitioner, a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and an Assertiveness Coach.
Debbie is married to Steve whom she met when they were both acting in a Plymouth Theatre Royal production. They have one daughter and a dog called Teddy. Debbie loves singing, sewing, reading, walks in the countryside, comedy, not taking life too seriously, learning new things, and meeting new people.


Reverend Michael Shaw

Reverend Michael Shaw

Volunteer Free Church Chaplain
  • Normally in Pastoral and Spiritual Support Thursday 10:00–13:00
  • Minister at Devonport Community Baptist Church
Michael is married to Katie with an adopted daughter and has two dogs. Born and raised in Surrey, he studied in Theology in Bristol, and moved to Plymouth in 2012. He loves cricket, rugby, curry and walks by the sea.
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Jonny Libby

Jonny Libby

Methodist Chaplain
  • Normally in Pastoral and Spiritual Support Tuesday 10:00–13:00
  • Lay Pastor at Plymouth Methodist Central Hall
Jonny is married to Denise and has three wonderful kids. He enjoys drinking coffee, reading the Word of God and allowing it to read us (combining the two is great fun). He loves sport and getting outdoors.
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Arezoo Farahzad

Volunteer Bahá'i Chaplain
  • Normally in Pastoral and Spiritual Support Monday 10:00–13:00
  • Runs the monthly International Dinners group on the last Saturday of each month at Sherwell Hall on North Hill
Arezoo is a freelance television producer. She is Chair of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’is of Plymouth, Chair of the board of trustees for Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity and a member of Plymouth Council of Faiths. She is currently collaborating on "Celebrating Humans" - a University of Plymouth initiative working with professional organisations and individuals across the city to promote diversity and help eliminate loneliness and isolation. 
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Beccy Davies

Anglican Lay Chaplain
  • In Pastoral and Spiritual Support daily: 12.30–16:30 Monday–Thursday and 08:00–12:00 Fridays
  • Outreach worker at St Andrew's Church, Royal Parade, Plymouth
Beccy is married to Andrew and has 5 children and a dog. She studied Performing Arts at Middlesex Uni, and was a secondary school teacher of music, before coming to know Jesus and working for the church. She loves to share her faith with others and teach the Bible, especially to newcomers.
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Patrick Clatworthy

Atheist Pastoral Volunteer
  • Normally in Pastoral and Spiritual Support Wednesday 10:00–13:00
  • Runs the Faith Free and Fearless weekly Wednesday group
Patrick is a retired civil servant. He is a former Roman Catholic and has a French mother.
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Sandra Exley

Pastoral Volunteer 
  • Normally in Pastoral and Spiritual Support Wednesday 13:00–16:00
  • Sandra is also a pastoral volunteer at Derriford Hospital 
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Hannah Ainsworth

Mindfulness Volunteer
  • Runs monthly Saturday morning mindfulness sessions – 10:00–11:00
Hannah is a charity worker and ex-teacher. She first got interested in meditation on her travels in Asia and started practising over 15 years ago. In her spare time she likes to study Buddhism, meditate, spend time in nature and hang out with one-eyed mog Iris.

Lucie Schofield

Volunteer Buddhist Chaplain
  • Runs Friday Qi Gong or desk yoga sessions – 13:00
Lucie is an ex-teacher, a qualified yoga teacher and a member of Plymouth Mindful Breathing Sangha – a Plymouth Zen Buddhist group who meet weekly and follow the practices and teachings of the late zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. A core aspect of this is deep listening. Lucie has a daily practice of meditation including chi gong and mindful movements, and finds this helps her feel calm and grounded in life. She enjoys sharing her meditation, yoga and mindful movement practices with others.
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Faith advisors

Pastoral and spiritual faith advisors are faculty members who provide support to P&SS, staff, and students. They offer faith based advice, give talks, assist in planning and celebrating religious festivals and important occasions.