Students learning about sustainable energy use, foraging and rewilding.
Our fieldwork programme is taught by a cross-disciplinary team of academics whose world-leading research explores and addresses a range of environmental challenges.  
Students gain experience of hands-on research, investigating critical contemporary challenges of environmental and human impact in a wide variety of environments in the UK and/or overseas.
Past field trip locations include Sweden, Greece and a diverse range of environments in the UK. Students will learn about issues including threats to and the importance of peatland, managing environmental risk, marine pollution, the impacts of wild fire, and addressing the climate and biodiversity crises. 
You will have the opportunity to get hands on fieldwork experience and gain professional skills including project design, data collection and analysis, and teamwork skills. 
Our main residential fieldwork takes place just after Easter in the second year of study. Non-residential fieldwork also features in many core and optional modules across all stages, and makes use of the stunning and varied local environments of south west England.
We believe that worthwhile and responsible international travel provides an important context for learning in-situ about different landscapes and environments. Our field trips comply with the British Standard (BS 8848) for educational activities abroad. 
A supplementary cost may apply to some destinations. More details of any additional costs associated.  
Dr Angela Milne 
Environmental Science Programme Leader