Facilities and equipment at the Marine Station

The Marine Station features classrooms, laboratory, seawater aquarium, changing rooms and equipment storage

The Marine Station’s lecture facilities have amazing views out across Plymouth Sound and with movable walls the space can be configured for large class or smaller group teaching, meetings and has even been used as a pop up art gallery. 
The laboratory on the ground floor, which can accommodate up to 50 students, is used for sample examination and analysis and the aquarium is supplied with a continuously flowing saltwater system which allows samples to be collected, stored, examined and returned to the sea with minimal disturbance.
We utilise innovative technology to enhance student experience and to ensure that we retain a continuous relevance to requirements of industry and collaborative partners. The facilities have field equipment storage, changing facilities and it acts as a base for our research vessels. A fleet of seven research and diving vessels, plus a fleet of smaller boats for group practical sessions, individual project work and research spanning the collection of seabed and water samples to the acquisition of hydrographic survey and oceanographic datasets.
Our instrumentation includes the latest oceanographic and hydrographic survey sensors including an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, a Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder, a towed undulating Conductivity-Temperature-Depth System, an automatic weather station installed on Mount Batten Tower, specialist software for data analysis and visualisation, and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with HD video camera and various manipulator arms.
<p>Marine station equipment</p>
Checking equipment on our jetty

and wet laboratory space is available for research in a variety of fields from marine biology to ocean science and civil engineering to environmental sciences

Research student using our aquarium and wet laboratory
<p>Marine station equipment<br></p>
Using a rosette aboard the Falcon Spirit
<p>Marine station equipment<br></p>
Deploying our conductivity-temperature-depth system
<p>Marine Station laboratory</p>
Students working in our wet laboratory
The changing facilities at Marine Station
Wet changing facilities