The Innovation Disclosure stage allows the University to review formal innovation disclosure (using a formal Innovation Disclosure process – see link to Innovation Disclosure Form on the main Intellectual Property page) and to have an opportunity to meet the inventor(s). 

It is at this initial stage that the IP management process will be explained. 

1. Meet

There must be an initial meeting between a representative from the University’s IP Commercialisation Team (see FAQs) and the ‘inventor’, to explain how to proceed and comply with the IP Commercialisation process. Further meetings may be necessary to maintain a dialogue and develop a joint action plan. 

2. Disclose

Complete an Innovation Disclosure Form. Once complete and approved by the Head of School/Faculty, this simple form will trigger the opportunity for the University to assess the idea. 

3. Assess

An assessment of the impact and added value to the University will be made and a decision on how best to proceed will be taken. This assessment may include specific IP due diligence and feedback from Frontier IP Group (the University’s IP Commercialisation partner) who will receive copies of all Innovation Disclosure Forms for formal comment and input.