Internal sources of research funding and opportunities

Discover some options for internal funding

Pedagogic Research and Teaching Innovation Scheme

Funding is available for pedagogic research and innovation in teaching and learning projects. The scheme is aimed at any member or group of University of Plymouth staff who are interested in:

  • conducting high quality research in Higher Education (HE) pedagogy
  • enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at the individual and/or subject level.

For further information visit the Teaching and Learning: Internal and external funding opportunities page.

Certificates to those who have successfully completed the PGCAP, those who have been awarded fellowship through the TDF, and also those who have been awarded funding for TFAS/PedRIO projects

Jobs with University of Plymouth

Grant-funded positions such as technician, research assistant and research fellow posts will be advertised on the University's jobs site.

For further information visit the University of Plymouth jobs pages

Careers and employability

The Seale-Hayne Educational Trust (SHET)

The aim of the trust is to support higher education and research in agriculture, food and land use (and related disciplines at the discretion of the Trustees).

The trust issues an annual call for applications in the spring of each year and welcomes applications covering research in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, from staff and students of University of Plymouth and its partner colleges.

For further information visit the SHET website

Hannah's Seale-Hayne

Postgraduate research studentships

University of Plymouth is committed to attracting the best students and encouraging high academic standards as well as recognising sporting achievement and potential, regardless of a person’s background or financial circumstances.

As such, a wide range of financial assistance is available from both the Government and the University in the form of bursaries and scholarships.

To find out more visit the Doctoral College postgraduate research studentships pages

Student bloggers

Santander scholarships 

The University has officially launched a number of new scholarships courtesy of its partnership with Santander Group.
The scholarships range from £750 to £1,500 and are open to University of Plymouth students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) who wish to undertake a period of research, study or work-based learning in the UK or abroad.
Visit the Santander scholarships pages for further information.

Programme-related scholarships

More information on programme scholarships can be found in our subject and course specific funding page.
Programmes include:
  • Law.
  • International relations.
  • Business and management. 

Scholarships for international students

The University has a variety of scholarships if you are a postgraduate student from overseas. More information can be found on our funding for international studentspage .