Professor Shang-Ming Zhou Inaugural Professorial Lecture
This event took place on Thursday 29 June 2023
We are proud to present the Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Professor Shang-Ming Zhou
With a disruptive and exponential growth affecting every aspect of society, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is beginning to have a broad-based, instantaneous impact across industries. Driven by the necessity of maintaining records, complying with regulations, and providing care for patients, the healthcare industry has historically generated massive data. These large datasets are priceless strategic assets, which could significantly improve the quality of patient health and care when combined with major breakthroughs in the field of AI.  
In his inaugural lecture, Professor of e-Health, Shang-Ming Zhou will discuss how AI and machine learning technologies can be used to tackle the challenges in population health and epidemiology research, such as disease phenotyping and polypharmacy. He will demonstrate how AI technology has evolved to define diseases and identify polypharmacy patterns from electronic health records.
Shang-Ming’s talk will use a system modelling perspective to present local-linear-model-driven Explainable AI technologies. His research explores how machines consider the unique characteristics of sub-populations to identify complex interactions in epidemiological data, rather than treating them as an average ‘person’.
In his earlier research on using AI systems to inform health and biomedical informatics, Shang-Ming has explored innovative methods to extract personally useful information from routine health related data, with particular focus on long-term health conditions. His research efforts have assisted in promoting healthier lifestyles and preventing disease.
There is an opportunity for Shang-Ming to answer your questions at the end of his lecture.
You are welcome to join us for University of Plymouth's Inaugural Professorial Lecture series, which provide a milestone event in a professorial career. Through these we can promote and celebrate the academic reputation and achievements within their research. 
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“When I first heard about fuzzy logic, my initial reaction was ‘wow’. Until that point, everything about mathematics had been presented as black and white – that there was either a right answer or a wrong one. Now I understood there was a scale of possibilities when people were making decisions. It ignited a fire in me that still burns today.”

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