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This event took place on Thursday 12 May 2022.

We are proud to present the Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Professor Sally Hanks.

Most qualifications typically test for competence over capability. While competence is an important factor, capability is about how multiple competences integrate so the individual can adapt in the real world.

Testing for capability assesses elements of professionalism; communication; leadership; being able to work with others; individual self-management; complex decision making and problem solving; and – for healthcare professions – being trustworthy to care for patients. Empowering people to feel prepared at a higher standard of capability increases their wellbeing, confidence, resilience and success as they transition into their field of work while also reducing burnout.

How can educators and training providers best support learners to be prepared for the ‘real-world’?

Professor of Primary Care Dentistry, Sally Hanks, is passionate about empowering people to recognise their unique attributes and skills – known as capability – so that they can transition confidently into their professional roles. Sally shares her insights on how to understand and support early career professionals to improve their outcomes through better understanding, education and assessment of capability.

Sally practiced primary care dentistry for over a decade in NHS, Royal Navy, private practice and community roles, including working with patients that had additional needs and fear of the dentist to overcome their boundaries to treatment.

As a clinical educator, Sally has a keen interest in inspiring the next generation of dentists to achieve their career ambitions, regardless of their education, socioeconomic background or experience. Her interest and expertise in behavioural management strategies inform her patient- and student-centred education research, underpinned by clinical hypnosis and its philosophy.

In addition to her key role as Head of Teaching and Learning at the University’s Peninsula Dental School, Sally is also co-founder of the UK Council of the Dental Teachers of Professionalism. She has received recognition with both the prestigious Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and as Fellow of the Faculty of Dental Trainers of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

There was an opportunity at the end for Sally to answer your questions in a live Q&A.

You are welcome to join us for University of Plymouth's Inaugural Professorial Lecture series, which provide a milestone event in a professorial career. Through these we can promote and celebrate the academic reputation and achievements within their research.

Being ‘above bad’ isn’t good enough – we must strive for excellence in health care education

In this 2019 article, Professor Sally Hanks explains the importance of professionalism despite the backdrop of challenging times in healthcare and the NHS.

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