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On the 22 June 2017, Professor Mauro Figueiredo from the University of Algarve (Portugal) presented a short talk and an interactive workshop on gamification by explaining the functionalities of an app (MILAGE LEARN+) developed with Erasmus+ funding.

This seminar was organised by Dr Anabela Soares from Plymouth University as part of a series of talks from the iSPER Modelling and Simulation for Social Systems (M&S3) Research Initiative.

Professor Figueiredo presented the ERASMUS+ funded software which was created to help students learn on their own through the development and facilitation of online activities.

MILAGE LEARN+ app can be used in teaching across any subject area (teaching maths, languages, music, etc.) and can also be used for research purposes.

The workshop covered various activities to demonstrate this flexible learning tool which enables students for example to write their answers on paper and upload the pictures/videos of their answers to the platform with their phones/tablets. These pictures/videos are then subject to self and peer assessment which result in the accumulation of points and a leader board.

In this event we also had the opportunity to hear Professor Figueiredo talk about other research developed by their research team including the use of augmented reality in the development of books and content for museums.

Plymouth University and the University of Algarve will be signing a protocol in the next few months so that Plymouth University staff can use and experiment this app for free.

If you are interested in further details please contact the M&S3 team.

Visit the MILAGE website.