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Since 2007, productivity in the UK has stagnated and is considerably lower compared to some our European neighbours such as France and Germany. Levelling up productivity across the UK is a key government priority, and is an issue that has become more pressing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to support economy recovery. Productivity is critical to society’s wellbeing since it can lead to better wages and improved living standards. Understanding productivity – its determinants and its measurement – and addressing key failings through innovation is consequently of substantive importance to government policy and practice.

This cluster considers productivity, innovation and performance from multiple perspectives including economics, entrepreneurship, tourism, operations and supply chain management, accounting, strategic management, work and human resource studies.

PIP engages in research that measures, understands, incentivises and improves productivity and performance at a variety of levels ranging from individual managers and employees to small, medium and large sized firms, supply chains, sectors, and tourist destinations. In addition, it aims to provide understanding of the impact of both regulation and market interactions on firm and industry performance.

Our work is funded from a number of sources including Defra and the European Commission. We co-produce research with various stakeholders in business, government and civil society and strongly placed to research and advise sectors within business, maritime and tourism and hospitality, and in a range of other contexts where policy-makers must incentivise decision-making to improve performance.

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