Dr Anabela Soares

Dr Anabela Soares

Lecturer in Strategy and Operations Management

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)

Research interests

Servitization | Gamification | inter-firm relationships | supply chain quality management |  quality management | supply chain management |quality performance | Sustainability

For a detailed list of publications see ORCID ID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6332-7794

Key publications are highlighted

Soares A 2017 'Inherited organisational performance? The perceptions of generation Y on the influence of leadership styles' Leadership & Organization Development Journal
Soares A 2017 'The Influence of Supply Chain Quality Management Practices on Quality Performance: An empirical investigation' Supply Chain Management: an International Journal 22, (2) 122-144 , DOI PEARL
Soares A 2016 'Internal market orientation and work-family balance in family businesses' European Journal of Family Business
Soares A 2016 'Servitization and co-opetition in the pharmaceutical distribution: Back to Basics?' Universia Business Review
Ruizalba J, Soares A & Morales J 2016 'Servitization and co-opetition in the pharmaceutical distribution: Back to basics? | Servitización y co-opetición en la distribución farmacéutica: ?vuelta a los orígenes?' Universia Business Review 2016, 96-115
Soares A 2012 'The influence of inter-firm relationships on Supply Chain Quality Management: A Survey of UK firms' International Journal of Global Management Studies Professional
Soares A 0 Internal Market Orientation and strategy implementation.
Conference Papers
Soares A 2017 'Causal recipes for product innovation: quality management practices as ingredients'
Soares A 2017 'Servitization and Firm Performance'
Soares A 2017 'Servitization of manufacturing: exploring financial performance,'
Soares A 2016 'Assessing the Impact of Gamification on Students’ Engagement and Motivation'
Soares A 2016 'Developing Entrepreneurial Intentions Through Gamification Using Online Business Challenges'
Soares A 2016 'Gamification in Higher Education: an experiment to assess student’s engagement and motivation,'
Soares A 2016 'Servitization and Co-Creation: Customers’ Perspective'
Soares A 2016 'Servitization strategies and Co-creation'
Soares A 2016 'Supply chain quality management dimensions and their impact on quality performance'
Soares A 2016 'The effect of supply chain collaboration on the servitization strategies in the pharmaceutical industry'
Soares A 2015 'Enhancing student engagement through Case method with Guest Speakers (CMGS)'
Soares A 2015 'Gamification and Entrepreneurial intentions: A Theoretical and Methodological Approach'
Soares A 2015 'Servitization in the Pharmaceutical Industry'
Soares A 2015 'Strategic factors of servitization in the pharmaceutical industry and the impact on performance'
Soares A 2014 'Assessing the impact of inter-firm relationships on supply chain quality management practices'
Soares A 2012 'The influence of inter-firm relationships on Supply Chain Quality Management: A Survey of UK firms'
Soares A 2011 'Supply Chain Quality Relationship Management (SCQRM): A Step Forward'
Soares A 2011 'Supply Chain Quality Relationship Management: managing triadic relationships towards improved performance outcomes'
Soares A 2010 'An investigation into the factors influencing Supply Chain Quality Management processes'
Soares A 0 'Servitization and Co-Opetition in the Pharmaceutical Industry'
Other Publications
Soares A 2015 Using simulations when teaching management. 0 0

Other academic activities

Guest Speaker appearances:

24/02/2016 - Cardiff Business School Seminar Series

19/04/2016 - Warwick Manufacturing Group Service Systems Research Group - Research Seminar Series


Editorial/Reviewer experience

●     Associate Editor for the Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation (JOSI) (Thomson Reuters ESCI indexed) (2014-2016).

●     Conference track chair for the Management and Business Academy International Business Conference 2015.

●     Reviewer for the Academy of Management 2015 Conference (Canada)

●     Part of the International Programme Committee for the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (2016) (http://sdm-16.kesinternational.org/cmsIPCdisplay.php)

●     Reviewer for Publishers (such as Pearson Education and Palgrave Macmillan)

e.g., contributor/reviewer for Bozarth and Handfield’s book: “Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management”, Global edition, 4/E

●    Reviewer for academic journals (e.g., 2016: The International Journal of Management Education; Production Planning & Control).