Plymouth Research Festival

The annual Research Festival celebrates the outstanding research carried out by staff at the University in collaboration with colleagues and partners locally, nationally, and internationally.

Making an impact from local to global.

A week-long programme showcases how our research is making a difference in economic, environmental, social and cultural terms. 

The festival invites an academic, business and public audiences to sample a diverse programme with a breadth of fascinating research topics.

Further information about the research to be featured will become available over the coming months.

Images of Research competition and exhibition

The University’s Doctoral College invited postgraduate research students to submit an eye-catching photographic image, and interpretation for the first Images of Research competition.

Viewers were invited to vote for their favourite entry, and the winners were Frazer Underwood and Helen Bowstead.

Helen Bowstead

PhD – Education
Plymouth Institute of Education

Disposable bodies. Athens is a city where rubbish collects on corners. Black bags, split open by feral cat claws, spew forth their contents.

The filthy streets are punctuated by human ‘nests’. Sometimes occupied. Often not. I only photograph the empty ones. Enough has been taken already.

Frazer Underwood

PhD – Applied Health Studies
School of Nursing and Midwifery

Fear: a phenomenological theme of confidence, experienced by older people living with frailty

“The fundamental issue of phenomenological method is that even in naming an experience we have already lifted it up … from the seemingly raw reality of human existence” (Van Manen, 2014: p52)

In this exploration of the lived experience of confidence, fear emerges from this hard to reach phenomenological life-world of humanity. Fear is as complex a phenomenon as confidence eludes to be. This research now hopes to expose this hidden life-world, and give hope…