Plymouth City Centre

Plymouth City Council (PCC) can offer support in identifying funding pots that may help a business to realise its growth potential. In addition, PCC can develop bespoke soft-landing packages to support companies moving to the area to set up.

PCC can provide a property search service that covers all local agents and landlords. Businesses can benefit from their objectivity and local knowledge and contacts to help find the best location for them. They can also view a list of the Council land and property to rent or buy, filtered into business, car parking space, commercial land and development sites, industrial units, miscellaneous land and property, office space, residential land and housing development, and retail units.

The Economic Development Department acts as a single point of contact to the various departments operating in the local authority and, as such, can support engagement with a variety of departments including the Planning team. Furthermore, the department can support engagement with various stakeholders outside of the council that may serve to support businesses in the area, such as skills-based organisations and the Plymouth and Devon Chamber of Commerce. Working with PHIA, PCC can ensure organisations are directed to the correct department and timely information is provided.

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