UK in a changing world research concept: image of the UK on top of computer graphics
Our world is both shrinking and experiencing rapid transformation. Globalisation and digitalisation, deteriorating international security, the impact of climate change, vulnerabilities in global and domestic supply chains, growing urbanisation and mobility, and increasingly malicious cyber threats all contribute to a more uncertain, complex, and unpredictable future for the UK. 

UK in a changing world research insights

At Plymouth, the UK in a changing world research theme investigates innovative ways to build and safeguard robust economies. Collaborating with policymakers and industry, our research addresses productivity, innovation, and business performance at a local, regional and national level to ensure resilience on a global scale. 
Using a transdisciplinary approach, we focus on sustainable business practices in terms of place. This means employing a multi-stakeholder approach to collaborative decision-making through constructive dialogues, negotiation, and implementation of jointly perceived solutions.
Busy road in London with view of The Gherkin.

Academic theme lead

Dr Stavros Karamperidis

Dr Karamperidis is an accomplished researcher and Head of the Maritime Transport Research Group. He maintains a strong connection with the industry, facilitating his active involvement in numerous professional organisations. His research interests encompass a wide array of topics including shipping, maritime logistics, decarbonisation of the maritime sector, port management, maritime security, indices development, business models application in the maritime sector, and transport performance measurement
Stavros has a keen research interest in circular economy business support and engagement to deliver both environmental and financial benefits. Through his multifaceted research endeavours, Stavros continues to make significant contributions to the field of maritime economics and sustainability.
Dr Stavros Karamperidis

Other themes in our place-based research

SHAPE disciplines address global challenges associated with marine, health and sustainability through the lens of place

Through five place-based research themes, we investigate the intricate relationships between communities, the natural world, and technology.
Locally, we co-create sustainable solutions to complex problems in order to build resilient and thriving neighbourhoods, cities, and regions. This work transcends geographical, social and political boundaries to become applicable on a global level.
Place-based research concept: crowd of people standing on a computer motherboard.
SHAPE – Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts for People and the Economy