NHS New Hospital Program (NHP)
The NHS  New Hospital Program (NHP) is an initiative undertaken by the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom to build new, state-of-the-art hospitals across the country. The program aims to replace or refurbish existing facilities that are no longer fit for purpose, and to provide modern, high-quality healthcare to patients. The program also aims to improve the working conditions for healthcare staff, make the best use of advances in technology, and improve the sustainability of the NHS, by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Strategic objectives

The NHP has for strategic objectives to transform the delivery of healthcare infrastructure for the NHS:
  • * Deliver hospitals for less cost and in less time
  • H Ensure new hospitals integrate innovative national standards for healthcare infrastructure and enable high quality modern healthcare.
  • Ç Support the co-design and co-creation of schemes in collaboration with local and regional health systems.
  • ` Build the foundations for an enduring national capability for enhanced healthcare infrastructure delivery.

How the University of Plymouth is supporting the NHP

The University of Plymouth is committed to supporting NHP schemes across the UK to ensure these important projects are evidence-based and future-proofed to enable high-quality care, research and education.
As educators of the future workforce and advocates of sustainable, data-driven and technology enabled health systems, we are committed to ensuring these facilities meet the needs of citisens, health and care providers, and decision makers. 
Whether it is helping to identify clinical or operational challenges, co-designing places and processes to enable high quality patient-and family-centred care, or innovating, testing and evaluating novel and new methods of construction and interventions - by leveraging the renowned academic expertise from within the University, the NHPs are better supported to make strategic and impactful decisions from design to delivery and beyond.
If you want to learn more about the work we are doing, or work with us to support the NHS and our community please contact: PIHRSupport@plymouth.ac.uk  
“ In developing the new Women and Children’s Hospital, at the Royal Cornwall Hospital site in Truro, we aspire to be a digital exemplar. By working with leading academics, local and international business, and the full range of clinical and non-clinical stakeholders; we aim to construct a safe, sustainable and digitally-enabled hospital for the use of generations to come. 
Starting to work on the digital agenda some five to six years before the planned completion of the hospital allows time to prepare staff, patients, and visitors for a digital future with a series of warm up projects, tested in the current environment, and ready to go from day one in the new building.” 
Roberta Fuller. Head of Hospital Reconfiguration and Programme Director: Women and Children’s Hospital 

<strong>Roberta Fuller, Head of Hospital Reconfiguration and Programme Director: Women and Children’s Hospital </strong>


UK Health Infrastructure Plan

The University of Plymouth responded to the UK Government's Health Infrastructure Plan - HIP2 by organising a series of online consultation sessions with academics and key regional stakeholders from the NHS and industry.

Champion for health

Our research tackles the most pressing public health issues to improve the health and care of the populations we serve. We have a vibrant community of interdisciplinary research that is truly cutting-edge, from disease discovery to innovative care practices, novel treatments to clinical trials. 
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