Ms Samantha Prime

Ms Samantha Prime

Research Fellow - Digital Health Testbed (EPIC2)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Samantha is a Research Fellow of the Digital Health Testbed working with the eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (EPIC2) project, led by the University of Plymouth’s Centre for Health Technology. Samantha joined the EPIC2 project in 2021 from Australia where she completed a Bachelor of Nursing, and Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Samantha is completing her PhD through the Queensland University of Technology. Her thesis has evaluated the cost of illness, quality of care, and quality of life of children living with chronic respiratory illnesses. This research underpins future studies on the cost-effectiveness of early interventions aimed at improving quality of care and patient outcomes.

Samantha has worked and trained in a range of settings including in small remote communities, regional centres, and metropolitan tertiary referral hospitals. Her research experience includes the use of biomedical, economic, and patient-reported outcome measures, consensus and sentiment studies, and government law and health system policy evaluations.

She has a strong focus on high quality, evidence-based, patient-centred, and value-based care.




Professional membership

Member - Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association 

Member - Australasian Institute of Digital Health



Research interests

Research interests:

  • Chronic disease prevention, early intervention, and innovative management strategies
  • Digital health innovation and interoperability
  • Health law and policy reform
  • Health workforce optimization and multidisciplinary care
  • Paediatrics
  • Patient and family centred-care
  • Quality improvement
  • Value-based care




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(Please note – my former name was Gardiner, thus the below publications are listed under this name)

Chen AC, Xi Y, Carroll M, Petsky H L, Gardiner SJ, Pizzutto ST, Yerkovich SJ, Baines K, Gibson P, Hodge S, Masters IB, Buntain HM, Chang AB, and Upham JW (2017). Cytokine Responses to Two Common Respiratory Pathogens in Children Are Dependent on Interleukin-1β. European Respiratory Journal Open Res 3(4).

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Prime SJ, Gardiner CM, and Haddock R (2020)Optimising health care through specialist referral reforms. A Policy Issue Brief for the Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, the research arm of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, Canberra Australia

Internet Publications

Gardiner, C & Prime, S 29 September 2020. “Specialist referral rules haven’t changed much since the 70s, but Australia’s health needs sure have”. News article, The Conversation, available online at and re-published by the ABC news online

Gardiner, C & Prime, S 16 April 2020. Retirement villages need to show leadership during COVID-19. Opinion piece, Australian Ageing Agenda available online at

Other Publications


2020 Radio interview: ABC Radio - Australia Wide with Sinaed Mangan regarding reform of the Australian referral system

2020 Radio interview: ABC Radio Sydney – Afternoons with Josh Szeps regarding reform of the Australian referral system

2020 Radio interview: Radio 2cc - Canberra with Leon Delaney regarding reform of the Australian referral system

2020 Profile piece with the Australian College of Nursing – COVID-19: ‘From research to a clinical role’. Available at