The team from the University of Plymouth's Cyber-SHIP Lab at its second Annual Symposium

The team from the University of Plymouth's Cyber-SHIP Lab at its second Annual Symposium

The University of Plymouth’s Cyber-SHIP Lab has staged its second Annual Symposium, bringing together many of the world’s leading maritime cyber security experts and innovators.
The 2022 event took place at the United Nations International Maritime Organisation London Headquarters, with up to 150 delegates attending on each of the two days. 
Day-one of the by-invitation, in-person-only event provided a platform for nine actionable maritime cyber security research presentations selected via a call for papers. Day-two was focused around industry experience and discussion. 
During the event, 27 expert speakers addressed and networked with delegates comprehensively spanning the Cyber-SHIP Lab’s key stakeholder groups.
This included international academics, representatives from government departments and regulatory agencies, shipping operators and their trade associations, law enforcement and military, specialist insurers, and equipment manufacturers and system integrators and designers. 
Delegates travelled to the symposium from the the United States, all over Europe and from Asia Pacific. On the day following the Symposium, a number of delegates made their way to Plymouth to visit the Cyber-SHIP Lab in person. 
Delegate feedback on the Symposium’s balance of academic and industry content, its United Nations facility location, and segmented academic/industry format has been universally positive.
The Cyber-SHIP Lab team has begun planning to build on this success for its 2023’s Symposium and is already accepting expressions of interest from potential speakers, delegates and sponsors.
Professor Kevin Jones, Principal Investigator of the Cyber-SHIP Lab and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, said:
“Our objective for the Symposium is to create a space for the world’s best maritime cyber security researchers and industry experts. It is somewhere they can present and absorb their and their peers’ real-world of shipping and supply chains-relevant work, and where industry professionals can learn and share their own operational cyber security experience. The universally positive feedback we have received clearly demonstrates we are achieving this.”
Professor Kevin Jones, Plymouth Pioneer
Professor Kevin Jones

Symposium presentations and discussions

Cyber-SHIP Lab Symposium 2022
Cyber-SHIP Lab Symposium 2022
Cyber-SHIP Lab Symposium 2022
  • Building long term cyber resilience – critical national infrastructure perspective (UK National Cyber Security Centre)
  • What’s the worst that could happen ... and could it, really? (Cyber-SHIP Lab)
  • Geopolitical implications of the weaponization of GPS and AIs in the maritime domain (Dr Gary Kessler)
  • How robust is the Norwegian pilot’s navigational equipment? (Norwegian Coastal Administration)
  • Timely maritime cyber threat resolution in a multi-stakeholder environment (NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences)
  • Raising the standard of maritime voyage data recorder security (Cyber-SHIP Lab)
  • Cyber risk assessment based-on coras framework for shipboard radar (Cyber-SHIP Lab)
  • The human element: strategies to combat the maritime cyber workforce problem (Atlantic Council)
  • Reducing the cyber-attack surface in the maritime sector via individual behaviour change, (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Taking a strategic approach to new and emerging threats; supporting the global maritime community in tackling cyber risk, (UK Department for Transport)
  • A pragmatic cyber security approach: combining business acumen with increasingly granular risk management in a developing threat environment (BIMCO)
  • Preparing for a vessel cyber attack (Maersk)
  • Cyber trends and insights in the marine environment (United States Coast Guard Cyber Command)
  • Stronger together - building unified resilience in the North (Norwegian Maritime Cyber Resilience Centre)
  • MARCOM approaches operationalizing the cyberspace domain (NATO)
  • Challenges in making maritime secure-by-design a reality (BMT)
  • Threat actor activity targeting the maritime sector – nation state and criminal (Mandiant)
  • Fighting at sea with cyber risk (Royal Navy)
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